Reorienting TMT Decision Intelligence with AI Engineering and Data Science

As the TMT sector is adopting new-age techs like Edge computing, 5G, and IoT, it’s critical to leverage AI engineering and data science to solve critical problems such as operations optimization, payment and usage, fraud analysis, customer experience, churn modeling, and device fault prediction.

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Data is exploding at a rapid pace in the TMT (Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Technology) industry. Analyzing data to gain insights that can improve network performance, create immersive experiences, and reduce customer churn is virtually impossible with the dated analytic approaches. The TMT industry is caught between two worlds: adopting new-age technologies like edge, 5G, and IoT and managing legacy decision systems.

Hurdles to Digital Transformation

Most telcos house legacy systems and processes that pose a roadblock to keeping up with the changing customer demands of today.


5G, Multi-channel programming and OTT service providers are investing in AI to personalize content recommendations. Yet, the industry lacks a holistic customer-centric data architecture that can streamline the customer experience.

Operational complexity

The demand for low-cost, high speed networks has increased. However, retaining customers by providing consistent, optimal service with superior quality and security is a difficult task.

How can we help TMT companies?

Tredence provides AI and data science solutions to help TMT enterprises drive business agility and service innovation. We help telcos and network operators generate real-time, customer-centric decision intelligence that will augment their campaigns and discover new sources of competitive differentiation. You need analytical solutions that provide a 360°-degree view of customer preferences. You need Tredence.

Customer Analytics

Improve Customer Experience with data from diverse platforms like location tracking, contextualized advertising, and personalized offers.

  • Customer churn identification
  • Market-mix modeling
  • Progressive segmentation of customers
  • Next Best Experience (NBX) analytics
  • Customer lifetime value analytics
  • Customer care center analytics

Low Latency

Identify and forecast large volumes of traffic to attain reliable and low latency communication channels.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Edge computing
  • Cloud computing

Service Quality & Security

Improve network quality, enhance security, and optimize capacity planning with our service quality and security solutions.

  • IoT
  • High-resolution content
  • Software-defined networks
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Fraud detection

Network Optimization & Diversification

Optimize your network operations by forecasting demand, detecting network anomalies, and reimagining siloed ops.

  • Demand sensing
  • Route optimization
  • Network footprint expansion

Cloud Migration

Improve scalability of your network infrastructure, get top-notch service, and increase margins by migrating to the cloud.

  • Migrate from on-prem to cloud
  • Industry 4.0
  • Data consolidation



Tredence used multiple data sources, real-time data streaming, and experimentation at scale to help a tech giant build an AI orchestration platform across numerous customer touchpoints.

12% increase in CTR due to targeted messaging.
4% increase in offer redemptions leading to increased revenue.

More Case Studies

DataOps for

Developed and implemented an agile DataOps factory to enable rapid provisioning of platforms, data, and insights that reduced provisioning timeline to a 24-hour SLA for all services.

Store Location

Leveraged internal and external data to optimize location selection for new stores. It improved sales and footfalls for a customer base of 5 million.

Increased Upsell & Cross-sell Opportunities

Used Sancus, Tredence’s proprietary AI/ML solution, to deduplicate multiple data sources leading to a 11% increase in upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Customer Platform

Built a customer-centric marketing platform with real-time offers, hyper-personalization, and responsiveness to customer journeys to improve LTV and retention.

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded management consulting and technology companies.

Last-mile adoption that drives results.

Our tech ecosystem help TMT providers appraise the entire network and build an analytics-driven enterprise model to deliver last-mile insights with complete transparency.

Proven outcomes

We have worked with some of the world’s leading TMT firms to assess their current platform and help them integrate cognitive technology solutions into their daily decision-making process.

Outcome-driven capabilities

Unlike tech-driven organizations, Tredence’s TMT vertical is outcome-driven. Improved customer experience, reduced customer retention, and network optimization are just a few of the ways Tredence helps augment innovative capabilities.

Full-stack expertise

Our analytics offering brings together the work of over 750 data scientists and Data Engineers. Our end-to-end solutions suite enables fraud detection, predictive maintenance and builds a scalable technology strategy to tackle the ever-growing demand in the TMT space.

Reduced time-to-insights

From addressing the drawbacks of legacy systems to analyzing data to predict churn, our insights help TMT providers integrate ML into workflows to improve efficiency and offer a higher quality of services.