Tredence Inc. Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM : Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q3 2021.
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Accelerating your journey from fragmented insights to holistic omnichannel customer analytics powered by AI

We enable rapid experimentation and innovation throughout your business — across marketing, sales, digital, supply chain etc. — to deliver unmatched value realization on customer experience initiatives.


Customers today demand a meaningful, holistic relationship with brands. Whatever channel they use, mode of communication they choose, product they buy, they demand a seamless interaction. Forrester found that 62% of enterprise leaders intend to increase spend on CX tools. Yet only 30% of CX initiatives are successful.

Business goals are fragmented and conflicting

Teams and verticals operate in silos. The marketing or e-commerce teams are driven by ROI metrics, while CX teams work towards NPS-related goals. This affects collaboration, visibility and overall CX.

Customer analytics expectations don’t match IT readiness

Most enterprises have their data in legacy data platforms, which require them to re-engineer the codebase quickly and effectively.

Lack of 360° view of the customer

Each enterprise manages customer touchpoints with multiple systems, platforms, technologies and processes, making it next to impossible to bring all that knowledge into a single pane view.

How Tredence powers your omnichannel customer analytics strategy for faster value realization

To compete successfully, enterprises need: Capabilities for expansion, co-innovation strategy, delivery excellence, automation, and most importantly, accelerated outcomes. We help brands achieve all this and more by putting the customer at the center of innovation.

Business innovation

We help take siloed customer analytics programs towards a holistic customer experience management practice bringing together customer touchpoints, business processes, customer journey, voice of the customer and key performance indicators (KPIs) as an integrated value chain.

  • Identifying value
  • Reimagining customer touchpoints
  • Rethinking customer journeys
  • Setting the right analytics goals expectations

Process innovation

We convert sequential, one-at-a-time, periodic executions to parallel, rapid experimentations across channels and segments in real-time. We leverage advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to accelerate outcomes.

  • Simplifying processes
  • Enriching data
  • Redesigning systems
  • Re-engineering to gain enterprise value

Platform innovation

We combine disparate customer data assets and disconnected measurement into integrated DDOM, CDP and test-and-learn platforms, and real-time feedback loops for continuous learning.

  • Complex integrations
  • Pilot projects and planned experiments
  • Customer behavior analytics
  • Predictive customer analytics
  • Metrics and KPIs
  • Continuous improvement

Service innovation

We realize value from customer experience initiatives by operationalizing winning strategies at scale, enabling repeatability across customer touchpoints, customer journeys and channels.

  • Customer data analytics
  • Organizational change management
  • Data and process governance systems
  • ROI-driven strategy
  • Automation-powered monitoring and optimization

Key highlights of our customer analytics delivery model

Cross-functional teams

Our cross-functional teams with specialized skills enable innovative customer analytics solutions for your business problems.

Business-level engagement

Our leaders come from both technology and business backgrounds, perfectly poised to deliver superior business outcomes.

Collaborative approach

Our delivery teams work closely with our clients, both leaders and execution teams alike, to ensure business alignment.

Experimentation & optimization

We understand that markets are evolving rapidly. So, our teams implement ongoing experimentation and optimization programs to ensure your customer analytics solution is adaptable and agile.

Enhanced AI

To achieve superior business outcomes, you need a perfect balance between AI-driven insights and human instinct. We implement solutions that optimize this combination.

Our proprietary customer analytics accelerators

Customer explorer

Reduce ad-hoc. Foster self-serve.

A rapid insights
tool that lets business users create customer segments and understand their profiles in detail.

Journey explorer

Demystify customer journeys.

Customer intelligence
tool to analyze the efficiency of customer journeys to optimize CX and engagement.

Test-and-learn platform

Learn and exploit winning experiments.

Lightweight, configurable platform to design marketing and store innovation experiments.


Scale CX feedback with signals.

Analyze open-ended customer feedback to understand drivers and triangulate it with customer behavior analytics.

Why Tredence?

Tredence Inc. Named a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM : Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q3 2021. 

Holistic CX strategy

Looking beyond point analytics, we create a competitive advantage for our clients by addressing end-customer experience through deep innovation across business, process, platform and service.

Focus on value realization

Tredence’s customer data analytics frameworks and delivery models are geared towards realizing business value, be it return on investment (ROI) or net promoter score (NPS).

Accelerating adoption and activation of customer insights

We have built a range of proprietary accelerators across customer understanding, journey mapping, experimentation etc. to help clients activate customer insights analytics without investing in building point solutions for each.

Enabling personalization at scale

Our platform leverages customer data from across data streams, event streams, and external sources to build a 360° understanding of each customer — empowering you to deliver personalized omnichannel acquisition and customer retention analytics effortlessly.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Our best-in-class 94% NPS customer satisfaction score is driven by our laser focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.