We champion diversity and cultivate an inclusive culture where every voice is heard and valued.

The women of Tredence are a formidable powerhouse of intelligence, creativity, and innovation, with their diverse backgrounds, and experiences that enrich our inclusive culture. In every sphere, they leave an imprint, whether they're in data analysis, data engineering, or data science. Together, we build a more inclusive and equitable environment for all.


Fueling the Future: A Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture


Fostering diversity to drive data and AI leadership


Zohra Ladha

Senior Director, Data Science

In the ever-evolving field of Data Science, new research advancements and discoveries are accelerating every day. Thus, you always get to learn something new, making every day's work exciting.


Hutokshi Sethna

Head of Travel and Hospitality

The industry today is powerful and exciting, with many opportunities for continuous learning and innovation. I appreciate diverse perspectives, which enable me to lead inclusive teams and inspire others to reach their potential.


Driving force behind our dynamic, innovative, and enduring work environment


Annie Sterle

Director, Analytics

There is a significant gender imbalance in technology fields today, leading to inevitable bias in datasets, inferior models, and uncaptured business value. It's exciting to see Tredence addressing this gap by employing women in the data science field, thereby unlocking diversity of thought and better outcomes for our clients.


Neha Issrani

Associate Manager, Analytics

To have your work trusted by the leadership and client gives you confidence and a sense of direction. I am proud of my ability to balance empathy, teamwork, and progress in analytics.


Bringing fresh and unique perspectives to modern business challenges


Kelsey Mary Polansky

Manager, Supply Chain

Women bring unique perspectives, knowledge, and experiences to data science, making the profession more robust. Equal representation of genders is critical in data science or any other field, as it will shape the structure of future economies and our daily lives.


Joycee Ramachandran Nair

Senior Manager, Solution Support

As an advocate for IT Service management practices, I love how I can de-escalate issues and have the freedom to try unique, practical ideas to achieve delivery excellence. I'm privileged to work in an inclusive environment that values my knowledge and experience.


Excelling as collaborators and reaching new frontiers


Thu Nguyen

Senior Manager

I love the daily challenges that my work brings. I strive to continuously raise the bar of excellence, take on multiple roles, and innovate customer experiences through analytics and strategy.


Debolina Saha

Consultant, Resource Management

My role in resource management allows me to connect with many people, from delivery leads to bench resources, and gain insights on project requirements and industry upskilling. Helping resources join projects, especially freshers, brings me happiness, even if my contribution is small.


Embracing differences in a vibrant and diverse work environment


Diksha Sharma

Consultant, People Function

I'm constantly learning, challenging myself, and keeping up with the rapid growth. The environment at Tredence is conducive for anyone with big aspirations to succeed.


Rekha Y C

Consultant, IT

Knowing that our work helps to solve the technical issues of end-users gives me a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Being a woman has taught me to be adaptable, resourceful, and persistent in the face of adversity.




Join us in building a diverse and inclusive workplace!