Enrich customer experience and manage regulatory pressures to drive competitive advantage and growth with banking data analytics

Financial Services companies must overcome the challenges of remaining profitable by delivering operational efficiency and guarding against growing competition from Fintech and Insurtech. To stay competitive, Financial Services enterprises are investing in digital & technology transformation including seeking data-driven banking data analytics and AI solutions and services. However, some challenges remain.


Regulatory compliance

Faced with market regulations such as MAR/MiFID/Dodd Frank, banks are looking at regulatory reporting holistically and seeking to standardize & digitize processes to improve governance & compliance.


Data quality is poor

With banking data siloed across multiple systems, there is no single source of truth. Siloed data prevents a 360-degree view of the end customers and their needs and the ability to deliver personalized products and services. Multiple data hand-offs increase the costs of storage and exchange, introducing errors and inefficiencies


Return on tech investment is low

Significant spending on IT and technology to maintain legacy applications and infrastructure results in a slower pace of delivering new features to end customers. Duplication of business processes and IT systems increases technology debt and maintenance costs.

To compete in the highly regulated and fiercely competitive space, enterprises that provide Financial Consultancy Services and Financial Management Services need clear and individualized visibility of their end customers. Having a 360-degree end-customer view allows banks and insurance companies to focus on providing real-time, intelligent, and context-aware experiences. AI/ML-based data analytics in financial services enables businesses to understand the power of context and deliver an effective Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) strategy.

Harness AI for your Financial Services operations
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Bank on speed and efficiency with our AI-driven solutions for Financial Services

At Tredence, we go beyond possible to deliver insights at the decision points to help you drive smart banking. With exponential data volume growth in banking data and throughput needs for business processes, Financial Services enterprises can benefit from Tredence’s data-driven, disruptive and enhanced value proposition to deliver speed, scalability, and performance. By adopting our custom advanced AI/ ML financial services analytics solutions, enterprises can achieve business outcomes such as enriching customer experience, gaining a competitive edge, and achieving operational efficiencies.

Drive quality and efficiency in every transaction with AI-powered financial services analytics to control costs, increase productivity, and boost margins.

Leverage Tredence’s data-driven solutions to quickly establish data governance, drive actionable customer insights, mitigate risks, and do more across the financial services space. Stay miles ahead with the latest market trends that go beyond traditional reports and views, and extract key ESG initiatives to sustain value.

The Tredence advantage

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