Driving exceptional customer experiences
with AI-led analytics

Financial service providers are being increasingly viewed as relationship partners. Today, customers want personalized services and a trusted partner that adds value to their financial experiences. However, some challenges remain.


Rising costs, unoptimized processes

Disconnected data means banks incur sky-high costs in managing resources while inefficiently functioning in silos.


Saturated uptake, lower satisfaction quotient

Traditional banks that don’t use data to innovate with speed and scale fail to compete. Leading financial services companies understand that data is a strategic asset and offer superior banking experiences to attract new customers.


Dated algorithmic and analytics solutions

Dated analytics solutions impede banks from conducting experimentation at scale. Lower response rates and inaccessible data deter them from using democratized customer data with predictive and prescriptive customer analytics.

With over a decade of experience in leading data transformation programs for large enterprises, Tredence leverages its deep domain expertise, advanced analytics, and design thinking capabilities to help financial services clients improve top-line and bottom-line, enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enrich the customer experience.

Our team of analytics and data engineering professionals across the globe works with clients to transform their business processes, optimize operations, and drive growth in the constantly evolving financial services landscape.

Harness AI for customer analytics
Quick wins

Harnessing AI to modernize banking

At Tredence, we adopt a data- and domain-centric approach to every customer challenge and deliver high-value insights that help banks identify future markets and the best areas for new investments. By adopting our advanced analytics accelerators, financial services organizations can enrich customer experiences, gain a competitive edge, and achieve operational efficiencies.

Empowering financial services and retail banking businesses with AI and analytics across the entire customer lifecycle journey

Tredence’s data-driven banking analytics solutions help clients provide risk-free and customized customer experiences.

The Tredence advantage

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Accelerate speed to value

by leveraging our 30+ customer accelerators built for the financial services industry that deliver value 50% faster than off-the-shelf solutions.

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Winning partnership ecosystem

Modernize your analytics operations by leveraging our extensive partner ecosystem, which includes a proprietary suite of accelerators and hyperscaler platforms.

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Bank on a proven leader in customer analytics

recognized by The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q3 2021.

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Build resilience in the face of competition

with our expertise in large-scale analytics for B2C businesses and our experience in supporting seven out of the top ten retail and CPG enterprises.

See what embracing a cycle of insights, action, and impact in banking analytics can do for your business