Leverage our industry-optimized data models with a unified AI/ML platform to unlock the potential of your data

To thrive in today’s marketplace, organizations need to turn themselves into data-driven decision-making entities. Drawing valuable and real-time insights from data requires modernizing the data estate to a cloud-ready analytics ecosystem that is scalable, agile, and future-fit.

Tredence uses its expertise in cloud and data engineering to build services and accelerators created on native cloud components. Our data modernization services and accelerators assist clients with big data modernization and data migration to respective cloud platforms in a short period of time. Our solutions also help unlock greater value from the same data; automation tool, and platform operations enable higher ROI and value realization up to the last mile, while lowering your cost of implementation.

Unlock your digital transformation potential with seamless data migration services that deliver tangible, measurable business benefits

Tredence has a proven track record of leading large-scale data migration initiatives for global companies across a wide range of industries, including retail, consumer goods, telecom, travel and hospitality, and industrials. Our Data Migration Services helps clients migrate their legacy analytics and big data to a modern cloud-native architecture.

Make your migration process effortless, secure, and cost-effective with our key data migration solutions and accelerators

Data Migration across Cloud Platforms

Why Choose Us?


Up to 50% acceleration in warehouse/lake discovery


Up to 30% reduction in migration cycle


80% savings in platform costs in year 1


Up to 50% improvement in self-service


30% productivity improvements over lifecycle


90% reduction in discovery time and automated profiling

Our Partners

Our mission is to speed up modernization projects for clients by partnering with leading hyperscalers and data and AI companies.

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