Tredence, a Forrester-rated top Artificial Intelligence AI consulting and advanced analytics company, operationalizes AI models to solve your most daunting business challenges, remove barriers to AI innovation, create a measurable impact, and help you realize sustainable value.

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AI Adoption Challenges

IDC predicted that in 2023, 97.9 billion USD will be spent on AI technology. Although many enterprises have accelerated their investments in AI and advanced analytics, practices and maturity remain stagnant. Let’s look at what’s slowing down enterprises from seizing the AI opportunity.
People Cultural & Leadership Barriers

People, Cultural
& Leadership Barriers

Due to the fear of the unknown, many business leaders are resistant to embrace machine intelligence to handle core decision systems and processes.

Enterprise Maturity

Enterprise Maturity

Widening talent gap, lack of enterprise AI strategy, and ability to identify relevant use cases are impending businesses to adopt and leverage the AI potential.

Clean and Meaningful Data

Clean and
Meaningful Data

Only 20% of analytical insights will deliver business outcomes through 2022. Most enterprises lack data governance and infrastructure to capture relevant and contextual data from business processes and operations.

How can we help businesses build a value realization roadmap with AI?

Tredence, one of the leading AI consultancies, is committed to helping clients unlock business value from our AI consulting services, data analytics, and enterprise-grade AI Solutions. We have a strong focus on turning mundane operations into intelligent strategic capabilities. Our pathway to humanize, harmonize, and operationalize AI helps us exceed customer expectations with talent and the ability to execute AI consulting, data analytics projects flawlessly.

Tredence Inc. recognized as a Contender in the Forrester Wave
Forrester Report
Tredence is a Contender in The Forrester WaveTM : AI Consultancies, Q1 2021.
5 Imperatives for the Modern Chief Data Officer – A Playbook
Thought Leadership

5 Imperatives for the Modern Chief Data Officer – A Playbook

Driving value through a proactive service model
Thought Leadership

Operate to Transform – Driving Value Through a Proactive Service Model

Drive innovation and value realization using
Tredence’s AI consulting and solutions.

AI Strategy and Value Identification

Our approach built on lessons from several client engagements helps deliver a broad portfolio of AI-enabled analytics services, from creating AI strategy to building data platforms to powering business decisions.

  • Design workshops
  • Domain AI consulting
  • System interactions & process maps
  • Identifying user journey maps and personas
  • Goals & KPI identification
  • Engagement models
  • Change management
AI strategy and value identification
AI Rapid Prototyping & Value Validation

AI Rapid Prototyping & Value Validation

We help organizations build enterprise-grade AI systems leveraging our experience in converging the power of business analytics, data science, and Data Engineering.

  • Rapid insights generation
  • Agile practices
  • Product design & engineering
  • Use case validation
  • Data, algorithms, and ecosystem PoCs
  • Deployment readiness assessment

AI Governance & Value Realization

We enable enterprises autonomously manage multi-cloud environments, predict failures, improve application uptime & security, and future-proof technology assets.

  • Data, systems, and ecosystem integration
  • Security & privacy
  • Automation, drift, XAI
  • Change management
  • AIOps
  • Continuous improvement
  • ROI monitoring
AI Governance & Value Realization

Featured Case Studies

Intelligent Audio Transcript Analytics for a Global Tech Research Company

An AI-driven solution to analyze audio transcripts and extract useful metadata resulted in a $5mn business impact. Tredence helped the organization move from manual analyst tagging to cognitive AI-led automated tagging. Scaled from tagging 100s of inquiry calls to millions of calls.

More Case Studies

Marketing Spend Optimization

Marketing Spend Optimization for a global omnichannel retailer

The full-scale solution, embedded with modeling & ML techniques, to estimate & optimize budget across digital channels. Category managers used the solution to estimate the required marketing budget of more than $5M to meet revenue goals.

Designed an automatic store replenishment recommendation system

Store Replenishment Recommendation System for a leading CPG Company

Designed an automatic store replenishment recommendation system to increase the on-shelf availability. 13% increase in distributor invoices in 5 months of implementation. 22% increase in in-stock metrics.

Automated Freight Auditing for an automotive parts manufacturer

Automated Freight Auditing for an automotive parts manufacturer

The solution developed using Sancus – data quality tool to pull data from invoices and validate customer information, thereby automating the freight invoice audit process. The solution saved ~300K USD in procurement cost by automating invoice audits.

Why Tredence?

Top-rated AI Consultancy

We’re a preferred Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting and data analytics services partner of choice for our clients across diverse business sectors. We’ve helped transform their businesses into cognitive enterprises by translating their AI vision into tangible outcomes.

Bold Strategic AI Vision

We offer solutions to identify the most critical & complex business cases with our deep functional knowledge & intelligent strategic capabilities and see the solution through to completion to help you realize greater business value.

Last-mile Adoption of AI

Tredence delivers insights at the point of decision for 45+ global customers. We help customers with AI use-case identification, prioritization, model development, and operationalization in complex ecosystems.

Continuous AI Innovation

With the best ideas, powerful accelerators, and top industry minds on our side, we drive continuous world-class AI innovation that gives your business extraordinary value and competitive advantage.

Full-stack AI Consulting Expertise

We help enterprises democratize AI with our end-to-end AI and Advanced Analytics Services to conceptualize, implement and manage the entire AI value chain.