Leverage ML/AI in healthcare by organizing, integrating, and decoding health data for value-driven patient insights

The sudden shift to remote healthcare, the surge of IoT-based devices for patient monitoring, and the growing preference for telehealth practices has led to a proliferation of data sources for the healthcare sector. However, harnessing that data to improve processes and derive value has been an uphill task.

Inefficient data management practices and complex, disparate care management platforms prevent health providers from getting deep insights into their care ecosystem and their patients’ health, leading to suboptimal processes and undesirable gaps in the healthcare ecosystem. The challenges are multifold:


Inability to integrate diverse entropy data

due to lack of domain expertise for data interoperability and consolidation leads to unavailability of crucial data that could help healthcare providers take the right decision


Inaccurate insights from predictive models

do not account for localized and unique needs, leading to misinterpretation of data and therefore, inaccuracies in insights.


Insights not converted to action in time

in the absence of simplified solutions, the complex nature of healthcare analytics and dashboard fatigue prevent healthcare providers from taking action on insights in time

Our solutions help healthcare organizations create scalable, simplified, and integrated data analytics and management processes that can provide operationalize data insights and help you provide the right care, at the right time, in the right way.

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Adopt simplified care management solutions powered by AI to customize care, optimize cost, and expedite action

Make the right data available at the right time to take patient-centric intelligent decisions by accelerating the data lifecycle with our ML/AI healthcare solutions. Develop value-driven strategies for the new healthcare ecosystem and deliver enhanced patient experiences by turning data into actionable insights with our predictive models and scalable care management platform.

Consolidate data based on user personas for better insights

Get segmented insights leveraging ML/AI in healthcare to consolidate data from multiple sources into persona-based dashboards. Monitor healthcare KPIs and predict specific requirements of the population, so you can equip healthcare providers with relevant recommendations to improve clinical outcomes.

Innovative solutions customized to bridge the gap between insights and action

Our solutions are designed to identify insights that create a pathway to action for patient-centric decisions. We also help you formulate strategies that enable you to drive impact across your healthcare value chain through effortless implementation.

The Tredence advantage

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Empowering care management teams

with models to identify risks for reduction strategies

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Robust predictive algorithms

with full-stack development expertise to drive higher accuracy than industry standards

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Healthcare-specific solutions

backed by our extensive experience in data science and industry experience across various LOBs

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