Establish and enforce standardized data processes that drive value across the enterprise, automatically, using AI/ML

In this era of big data, cloud computing, and AI, data problems have grown beyond its volume or how it is used. If the data quality is compromised, advanced analytics loses its purpose. To ensure this doesn’t happen, enterprises will need end-to-end data quality management solutions. They need to be able to make their data reliable, from cleansing and validation to enrichment and governance, to reduce the time taken from insights to action

With Sancus, our AI-powered Data Quality management system, you can create your master data from diverse sources while maintaining and tracking data quality and data governance over time. Continue deriving actionable insights from reliable data that is automatically captured, non-redundant, and cost-effective to maintain, for trustworthy intelligence to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Go-to-market in 6-8 weeks


Master data engine creation suitable for various use cases


Auto-scale on Azure Databricks

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