Optimize data operation costs and realize value faster with swift and efficient cloud migration

Enterprises need data foundation capabilities, such as catalog management, metadata management, data ingestion, data quality checking, and separate data pipelines to help them centralize the data and extract insights faster and more accurately. But running on legacy ETL tools results in inefficient data management, poor insights, and high data operation costs. These tools are also difficult to reconfigure quickly to match the evolving business goals, further increasing the time-to-market.

Our AI-powered Data Migration solution enables high levels of configuration for on-demand and scheduled data ingestion loads. It extracts source data from databases, files, and API data sets and loads them to Azure Data Lake and Snowflake to deliver actionable insights. Leverage AI to modernize your data migration to the cloud and substantially reduce your time to value.

Why choose us?


Re-usable source/target connections & data ingestion pipeline configuration


Bring Your Own Data (B.Y.O.D.) capability


Significant cost reduction with zero point-to-point interfaces

Accelerate your data migration to the cloud with us