Delivering on the promise of AI/ML to unlock growth.

We develop custom full-stack, white box AI and ML solutions to turn your data into insights that drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings.

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Data is exploding and retailers have collectively turned to the promise of AI/ML to drive value. Many have been disappointed and are still seeing the same inefficiencies: low customer share of wallet, Supply Chain breakdowns, promotions not breaking even and low marketing ROI.

Data is stuck in legacy silos

Retailers are data rich but often insights poor. Migrating to the cloud is not an if, but when, but many are struggling with the how. For those that have already moved to the cloud the reality doesn’t match the promise with costs spinning out of control from a lack of monitoring, optimization, and governance.

Insights can’t keep pace with the changing consumer

Dated analytic approaches masquerading as AI and ML are missing the insights that matter and are too slow to create the real-time recommendations you need to drive action at the point of interaction with customers.

Black box solutions aren’t driving business value

Analytics solutions available today are complex and inflexible. They require an army of implementation consultants, a PHD to interpret and leave the user mining mountains of data to find the insights that matter.

How we help retailers?

Retailers need to drive the last-mile adoption of insights — customized to your business. You need quicker time-to-insight. You need fast implementations not an army of consultants. You need Tredence.

Case study

Developing a Customer Data Platform to Provide Omnichannel Customer Visibility for a Retailer Serving +100M Households

case study

Improving Demand Forecast Accuracy by 600bps for a Top 10 Retailer Using Machine Learning

Thought Leadership

Operate to Transform – Driving Value Through a Proactive Service Model

Data engineering to unlock the power of your data

We advise, implement, and operate complex data platforms with a focus on reducing cost, improving time-to-value, and maximizing ROI.

Advisory & Strategy: We guide you on the right technology architecture to meet your specific business objectives.

Implementation Services: Our team works with you to migrate your data from legacy platforms to a modern technology stack.

Data Management and Managed Services: We provide ongoing accelerators that clean your data, harmonize information, accelerate delivery, and continually optimize your environment to minimize costs.

Machine learning and AI-enabled

Our retail offerings drive insights across the Retail the value chain.

  • Understand your customer and personalize your messaging across omnichannel touchpoints.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your supply chain with real-time visibility and prescriptive and predictive modelling.
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing spend through robust measurement and channel optimization.
  • Optimize your pricing, promotion and assortment merchandising strategies.
  • Maximize cost savings, improve productivity, and enhance employee training.

Last mile adoption

We build custom white box solutions to deliver last mile adoption of insights and impact. Tredence Studio’s 30+ prebuilt accelerators improve your speed to insights.

We provide you the tools and capabilities you need to sustain your AI/ML solutions without licensing fees or ongoing consulting costs.



Tredence helped the retailer build a data platform on a modern technology stack that democratized customer data across the organization and unlocked advanced data science and personalization use-cases.

Representative Case Studies

Supply Chain


4% reduction in cost to serve and a 22% reduction in OOS for one of the world’s largest retailers driven by our automatic store replenishment system.



4-point increase in customer retention through optimal site merchandising and marketing optimization for a $15B+ Grocery eCommerce business.



49% improvement in forecast accuracy leveraging our ML/AI demand forecast for one of the large Home Improvement retailers.

Labor Cost


$50M Cost savings per year in store & call-center operations from increasing employee utilization and maximizing call center efficiency.

Why Tredence?

One of the World’s Fastest Growing and Most Awarded Management Consulting and Technology Companies. We build white box solutions customized to the specific use cases for select industries.

Full-stack expertise

Our retail offering brings together the work of over 750 data scientists and Data Engineers — who are all premium certified in leading technologies such as Azure, GCP, Snowflake and Databricks and our delivery professionals all featured in the top 2% of India’s rigorous testing system.

Reduced time-to-insights

Tredence reduces time-to-value by 50% vs. traditional consulting and technology service companies leveraging our proprietary suite of +30 Retail accelerators.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Best in class 94% NPS customer satisfaction score driven by our laser focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.

Proven outcomes

We have worked with some of the world’s leading retailers, including Fortune 500 enterprises and driven billions of dollars of quantified client growth.