Turn your mountains of enterprise data into actionable insights that drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings

The pandemic is a watershed moment for the retail digital transformation, boosting retailers’ appetite for new revenue opportunities. Many have turned to enterprise data and retail analytics for its enormous potential to drive top-line growth, enable true retail data monetization, aid demand forecasting and enable bottom-line savings.

The challenge? Retailers are rich in data but starving for insights. They are struggling to harness the full potential of their enterprise data, retail analytics and drive value using data analytics:


Siloed data locked in legacy systems

provides an incomplete customer and operations view.


Insights can't keep up with consumers

as dated analytic approaches and complex solutions are too slow to generate real-time recommendations.


Black box solutions turn up empty

as complex and inflexible solutions require too many resources for implementation and interpretation to drive value.


Overabundance of data paralyzes retailers

necessitating true AI/ML to unlock insights.

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Quick wins

AI-powered analytics accelerators drive speed to insights and impact

We build data strategies, modernize your platforms and help unlock value from your retail enterprise data by leveraging our suite of 30+ retail accelerators - from supply chain, procurement and merchandising to marketing, personalization, predictive analytics, data analytics, customer analytics and price optimization.

Power your data strategies with our retail data analytics solutions, so you can navigate complex data ecosystems, monetize enterprise data, improve time to insights, and maximize ROI.

We leverage our suite of industry leading retail accelerators, retail analytics and custom white box solutions to deliver last-mile adoption of insights and impact, without licensing fees or ongoing consulting costs.

The Tredence advantage

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Boost your speed to value

with our proprietary suite of 30+ custom-built accelerators to deliver last- mile insights and impact in retail analytics

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Engage intelligently with your customers

when you personalize your messaging across omnichannel touchpoints

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Strengthen your supply chain

with real-time visibility and prescriptive and predictive modeling

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Increase your marketing ROI

in retail analytics through robust measurement and channel optimization

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Grow your bottom line

by optimizing your pricing, promotion, and merchandising strategies

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Optimize costs and productivity

with AI-led analytics for labor optimization and training management

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Move swiftly from insights to action

with the full-stack expertise of our 1,500 data scientists and data engineers

Harness enterprise data to transform your retail operations