Make AI your engine for high-speed performance with manufacturing analytics as you fast-track value in your production

The data volume coming in from various parts of the industrial value chain can be overwhelming. In a sector that lives on the proven edge of technology instead of the cutting edge, these businesses are still stuck with organizing their data pool around possible use cases. As a result, they are unprepared to handle heterogeneous data and derive actionable insights, leading to multiple challenges.


Lack of a defined strategy

The absence of a clear vision and a phased roadmap inevitably leads to failure in analyzing and understanding data in digital manufacturing, slowing down the business transformation.


Incomplete technology ecosystem

Without a rich tech ecosystem, the industry suffers from a lack of data sharing platforms, modernization initiatives, and streamlined storage systems.


Challenges in Scaling Manufacturing Analytics

The inability to scale data and industrial analytics across the company is still a hurdle in manufacturing. Leaders fail to invest in the right people and processes that could help them make the right decisions.

With the right AI and data strategy powered by IIoT and automation, industrial businesses can run smart operations on a seamless and efficient data engine. You need end-to-end industrial analytics capabilities that can harness your data, solve your use cases, and help you run operations cost-effectively. You need a partner who can ensure that automation can be implemented across the entire value chain, so you can collect insights and act on them in real-time.

Harness AI for your industrial operations
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Drive higher efficiency with AI-driven manufacturing data analytics solutions

At Tredence, we go beyond possible to deliver insights at the decision points to help you drive smart manufacturing. Detecting potential anomalies and conducting AI-led predictive maintenance helps you minimize unplanned downtime and maximize your efficiency. Close the last mile with our data engineering capabilities and reusable accelerators that speed up insights by 50%, boosting efficiencies across the shop floor and the supply chain. Revolutionize production across multiple dimensions - customer analytics, smart transport, industrial analytics, logistics and production planning, sales strategy effectiveness, predictive maintenance , pricing and assessment quality, and asset management.

Drive production quality and efficiency with AI-powered decisions to control costs, increase productivity, and boost margins.

We build custom manufacturing analytics solutions powered by our pre-built accelerators to help you optimize assets, improve production efficiency and design innovative products. Forecast demands, identify trends, and drive complete supply chain visibility so that you can build competitive advantage and harness growth opportunities.

The Tredence advantage

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Build resilience and drive accurate demand forecast

through our faster delivery of insights with complete transparency

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Enhance predictability and increase ROI

by reducing maintenance costs through actionable insights

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Maximize efficiency and productivity

with our experience-led manufacturing analytics solutions to identify bottlenecks

AI-powered to augment your industrial manufacturing ecosystem.