Advanced Supply Chain Analytics and AI for end-to-end material and cashflow pipelines

We provide full-stack supply chain analytics solutions for global organizations across logistics, inventory and distribution, demand and supply planning, and customer service.

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Supply Chain Challenges

In June 2020, organizations experienced significant product-mix variability with high stockouts in certain product groups, while demand dip and overstock in others. With the impact of the global pandemic, more and more customers are going digital, with omnichannel models growing by 28%. Yet, 90% of organizations rate visibility into their extended supply networks as moderate to very low.

Data is stuck in legacy silos.

Supply chain data is spread across legacy data siloes, scattered in multiple applications, hindering end-to-end visibility into the supply network.

Current solutions only offer siloed insights.

Most current systems provide localized insights in functional silos. This prevents organizations from scaling critical insights to support evolving digital business expectations.

Off-the-shelf solutions don’t offer contextual, predictive, and prescriptive insights.

Advanced AI-driven insights such as intelligent forecasting, what-if analysis, prescriptive recommendations, etc., are currently unavailable to enterprises.

How we help transform supply chains with our capabilities in supply chain analytics?

Sustainable supply chain needs real-time, dynamic, and intelligent supply chain analytics that leverages data from procurement to logistics, giving you prescriptive insights to drive action. You need bespoke solutions that fit the complex needs of your industry and organization for use-cases that deliver business value and ROI. You need AI that is operationalized. You need Tredence.

Data engineering capabilities to digitize your supply chain.

Our Data Engineering and cloud teams digitally integrate your entire supply chain network to enable analytics and AI programs.

  • Procurement: Cost optimization, improved utilization etc.
  • Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance, OEE improvement, energy efficiency etc.
  • Planning: Demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, inventory stocking strategy, SKU rationalization etc.
  • Distribution: Network optimization, labor scheduling, road-to-market strategy etc.
  • Logistics: Load consolidation, truck tendering, trailer forecasting etc.
  • Last Mile operations: On-shelf availability, predictive replenishment, anomaly alerts, etc.

ML and AI-enabled analytics with the Supply Chain Control Tower

We give you real-time visibility to your entire supply chain, driven by modular KPIs customizable for your needs.

  • Real-time visualization and diagnostics, including health checks (big picture and deep dive); performance monitoring; and alert mechanisms
  • Scenario planning to model the implications and trade-offs, to make recommendations
  • Prescriptive recommendations deployable for relevant business scenarios and operational events
  • Cognitive capabilities leveraging external data (global news events, weather, trade journals, shipping etc.) to alert users about supply chain risks

Last-mile adoption and autonomous planning

We enable actionable and prescriptive insights through a persona-driven approach to ensure users throughout your supply chain reap benefits.

  • The supply chain KPI store helps you measure what matters — dynamic batching and routing, store replenishment, Customer Experience.
  • Our risk prediction and mitigation frameworks ensure seamless functioning.
  • Our autonomous planning systems detect patterns, identify anomalies, and make dynamic decisions across the value chain, empowering planners to intervene to manage exceptions.


Delivered cost savings of $22 M by optimizing outbound trucking for one of the largest FMCG companies in the world.

More Case Studies

Increased inventory levels to boost revenue by 9%

Tredence developed a smart alerting solution to identify out-of-stock and off-sales behavior for a global retail player.

Saved $17 M by optimizing inventory and distribution

We helped a global leader in thermal insulation optimize production schedule, distribution plan and inventory deployment plan.

Eliminated 30% of revenue leakage

We helped the client identify underperforming inventory, laid rules and optimizing movement of inventory.

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded management consulting and analytics companies.

Supply chain-focused solutioning

Our Supply Chain Control Tower is built based on years of our experience solving supply chain management problems with data and analytics. The control tower addresses supply chains’ unique needs — inventory planning, sales and operations planning, transportation planning, schedule optimization, demand and labor forecasting, network optimization, etc.

End-to-end supply chain expertise – Industry & functional experts

Our supply chain practice has a large footprint covering all aspects of the value chain — procurement, manufacturing, planning, distribution, logistics, and last-mile user-level adoption. The team brings in industry-focused supply chain experts with the ability to work as thought partners for core business leaders while seamlessly integrating their needs with data, analytics, and technology.

Global supply chain experience

Our team includes supply chain experts from across global markets, enabling user-driven analytics for some of the world’s largest supply chains, including those of Fortune 500 enterprises.

Full-stack competencies

Our analytics offering brings together the work of over 750 data scientists and data engineers — who are all premium certified in leading technologies such as Azure, GCP, Snowflake and Databricks and our delivery professionals all featured in the top 2% of global universities.

Reduced time-to-insights

Our solutions empower you with the ability to slice and dice real time data and offer prescriptive recommendations across all supply chain functions at granular level.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

We enable every user across your supply chain the insights and recommendations to optimize and unlock the power of your supply chain with no ongoing fees.