Enterprise-grade, scalable AI for global Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) firms.

Develop repeatable and high-impact solutions to power your global strategy, all the way to the last mile with focused CPG data analytics and Artificial Intelligence consulting.

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CPG brands experienced significant growth during the pandemic: more absolute growth in 2020 vs. 2016 to 2019. However, to sustain growth, CPG companies must embrace elastic strategies to align with changing consumer behaviors and compete with data-driven digital natives with tech prowess.

In the battle for market share, large players are creating and buying new brands. They are rapidly investing in emerging technologies like AI and ML. However, their AI solution gets outdated before it is even operationalized for them.

Inability to consolidate data from across the CPG value chain.

Across ERPs, CRMs and other tech solutions, data is typically stuck in silos. It is expensive to build an AI solution for each market; and non-scalable globally.

Struggle to make sense of data from heterogenous markets.

Even global CPG companies have 1000s of localizations for each market — in products as well as operating models. AI solutions fail to accommodate these customizations meaningfully.

Insights from analytics solutions not leading to actions.

The dashboards and playbooks presented by most analytics solutions are complex and overwhelming to end-users. Without prescriptive recommendations, they’re not actionable.

How we help CPG enterprises?

CPG enterprises need global scalability. You need AI partners who have a clear and nuanced understanding of your customers and markets. You need prescriptive recommendations that inspire action. You need Tredence.

Accelerate your cloud data modernization

Based on our experience with multiple CPG firms across the globe, we have created data accelerators for net revenue management, marketing, finance, retail/ e-commerce execution and supply chain; global unified CPG data models, driverless ingestion patterns, data harmonization rules and data quality, and DataOps.

This has helped reduce cloud data modernization delivery timelines by 30%; enabled global archetype-based re-use, reducing TCO by 35%.

Humanising AI with machine learning and AI-enabled analytics

Our CPG offerings focus on humanizing AI for the end user.

  • The sales rep on the road in Warsaw or Jakarta’s Warungs, the merchandiser visiting a Kroger or an inventory analyst trying to prevent out-of-stock in Tampa — we understand their lives and decision trade-offs deeply.
  • We use design thinking templates to solve business problems with AI.
  • Our consultants bring their global experience and field knowledge to make AI work in the real world.

Last mile AI adoption that ensures actionable analytics

We build custom white box solutions to deliver last mile adoption of insights and impact.

  • The CPG KPI store helps you measure what matters.
  • Our decision playbooks package our domain expertise, optimizing our recommendations.
  • Our prescriptive engines offer specific actionable recommendations customized to end user needs.
Last mile analytics


A scalable and automated solution for CPG trade promotion managers to run simulations on future promotions and measure the effectiveness of past promotions. The automated solution provides interesting insights into identifying the right time and duration for each promotion to maximize the ROI.

Trade promotion insights for over 75K retailer-product combinations.
Optimization of over 400 MN USD global trade promotion investments.
~5pp increase in ROI for trade promotion investments.

More Case Studies

On-cloud integrated retail analytics platform for a CPG major

  • Over 1Mn USD of benefits realized/month.
  • 55% reduction in OOS.
  • Enable product, store, DC level alerts across operations, sales, and supply chain. 
Dynamic sales routine and store prioritization framework for a leading CPG firm
  • 18% reduction in daily cost to serve.
  • 15% increase in weekly order capture.
ML-based marketing investment optimization for a leading CPG company
  • Over 50 Mn USD of budget allocations done using the solution.
  • 45% reduction in customer acquisition cost through improved targeting and optimal channel selection.

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded management consulting and technology companies.

CPG consulting experience

Our CPG practice includes domain experts from across global markets, enabling industry-specific analytics for some of the world’s largest CPG companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises.

CPG-driven solutioning

Within the CPG space, we have experience delivering business value and Revenue Growth across e-commerce, channel sales, customer experience, supply chain efficiency, and brand innovation.

Customized accelerators

We enable speedy adoption of AI with our CPG-focussed accelerators for trade promotion optimization, stock-out prediction, transportation control tower, integrated ops, marketing scenario planning etc.

Full-stack expertise

Our analytics offering brings together the work of over 750 data scientists and Data Engineers — who are all premium certified in leading technologies such as Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks and our delivery professionals all featured in the top 2% of global universities.

Reduced time-to-insights

Tredence reduces time-to-value by 30% vs. traditional consulting and technology service companies leveraging our proprietary suite of accelerators.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Best-in-class 94% NPS customer satisfaction score driven by our laser focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.