Get right KPIs in your customer journey maps to drive impact across your bottom-line

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. From seamless experiences across multiple channels to personalization, brands will need to deliver based on insights that readily indicate what customers want. But brands struggle to accurately measure their customer experiences due to unstructured data gathering. The issue isn’t with collecting enough data but not knowing how to draw actionable insights from it.

Leverage Sage CX, our customer experience analytics solution, to create customer journey maps and action out impactful insights from your customer feedback signals. Gain contextual insights into problem areas, customer behavior, and historical impact across customer journeys. Harness a customer-centric view of your experiences to improve based on your priorities - from tracking the right operational KPIs to sustaining customer value.

Why choose us?


Proprietary NLP & ML algorithms to extract and contextualize customer behavior


Align customer experience (CX) strategies to your customers’ perspectives


Prescriptions to help you scale and optimize customer journey analytics

Customize CX strategies with customer journey analytics solution