Tredence Unveils New Brand Identity and Strategy: Beyond Possible.

Date : 23-03-2022

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Tredence Inc., a leading data science and AI solutions provider, unveiled its new brand identity and strategy: Beyond Possible. The transition reflects the company’s new go-to-market strategy and renewed focus on providing vertical-specific data science solutions and innovation.

Tredence’s new look and focus are furthering its ongoing commitment to enabling speed to action, speed to scale, and speed to value for its clients across the globe while also facilitating large-scale transformation for accelerated growth. It also aligns with its customer-centric culture of providing deep data science and AI solutions to help businesses and industries enjoy new opportunities and spark future disruptions.

Over the past 12 months, Tredence has partnered with an external brand strategy firm to conduct in-depth interviews with clients, employee workshops and surveys to develop an identity that provides a meaningful and cohesive brand experience for its clients, partners and employees. 

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The company’s resolute focus remains on empowering the last mile in AI with industry-specific data science accelerators at the decision point and enabling faster value realization for clients. 

“Over the past few years, our business has transformed radically, presenting the ideal time and opportunity to enhance our marketing strategy. ‘Beyond possible’ perfectly encapsulates our aspirations, spirit and current work, which extends beyond delivering just insights or making incremental adjustments. It resonates with our purpose of empowering decisions to help our clients win and prepare for rapid growth. It’s a change towards going the extra mile, enabling our clients to see the forest and not just the trees,” said Shub Bhowmick, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Tredence.

“Our ability to adapt, innovate and transform is at the core of who we are. A beginner’s mindset while solving some of the most complex problems helps us expand our clients’ vision for transformation. For us, the customer is not just our client sponsor but also the end-user at the front line of our client’s business. We're building a comprehensive identity together behind one vision and one strategy focused on growth for clients and ourselves, and Beyond Possible perfectly reflects this futuristic mindset,” said Shashank Dubey, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder of Tredence.

“Beyond possible is the right podium and the right platform for us to reflect our passion for helping our customers unleash the potential of data science in their respective industries,” added Sumit Mehra, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Tredence. “It perfectly describes our ambition, our identity and the kind of work we do today. We go beyond incremental changes. We enable large-scale transformation and set our customers up for accelerated growth.”


Brand evolution: Connecting the Dots to Beyond Possible

New Logo: The new Tredence icon is a timeless piece of design created to evoke strength and confidence. The new 'T' is designed with a 60-degree angled cut to pay homage and carry forward the legacy of the company’s previous logo. 

New Brand Colors: Orange and green represent the company’s differentiators; orange is bright, vivid and stands out, and green signifies growth and an analytical mindset.

New Font: Poppins is the primary font to communicate the company’s strong identity and value proposition. The singular tone of voice is consistent and appeals to its audiences to build long-term advocacy.

New Positioning Statement: The new tagline is the summation of the brand purpose, a belief in always transcending client expectations. It’s about doing what no one else dares to do. It’s a promise to reach true potential. It’s a belief in going beyond what is considered possible.

About Tredence

 Tredence is a global data science solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI. The ‘last mile’ is the gap between insight creation and value realization. Headquartered in San Jose, the company embraces a vertical-first approach and an outcome-driven mindset to help clients win and accelerate value realization from their analytics investments. Tredence is a Great Place to Work-Certified and as a ‘Leader’ in the Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Services. Tredence is 1,500-plus employees strong with offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto, and Bangalore, with the largest companies in retail, CPG, hi-tech, telecom, healthcare, travel, and industrials as clients. 

For more information, please visit and follow us at Tredence on LinkedIn.

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