Analytics India Magazine Features Sancus As One of The Top 10 Data Science Products Made In India In 2020

Date : 15-03-2022

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Tredence is exultant to announce the news that Sancus, its multi-domain tool for data quality management has been featured as one of the top ten analytics and data science products by Analytics India Magazine. The list includes products from more than 25 different companies

Sancus automates day-to-day data management tasks such as data validation, data enrichment, and hierarchical management. Thus, high-quality data accelerates the development of business outcomes. Further, it helps to unify and organize data in different formats from various sources to facilitate the smooth and seamless use of downstream applications. This way, the customers can verify data, deduplicate data from disparate sources, create golden records for use by end-user applications, and manage the hierarchy of different entities, such as products on e-commerce sites or operating production facilities.

Traditional data quality management solutions take months to implement. However, Sancus can be implemented in a matter of weeks and requires minimal monitoring from the IT or business team. Besides, the solution is inexpensive, and the pricing is based on a “pay as you use” model.

Sancus uses AI/ML-based algorithms for data cleansing and has a learning-based active feedback module. To date, five customers in North America and Europe have used Sancus in the CPGIndustrial, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

Complete list can be viewed here

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