Advanced Data & AI solutions to assist Retailers and CPGs in gaining actionable insights and accelerated value realization.

From fragmented customer data to legacy analytics and slow insight delivery engines, Retailers face many hurdles in engaging and activating customers. Retailers and CPGs are rich in data but starving for insights. They are struggling to harness the full potential of their enterprise data and drive value: 


Siloed data

locked in legacy systems provides an incomplete customer and operations view


Insights can't keep up with consumers

as dated analytic approaches and complex solutions are too slow to generate real-time recommendations


Black box solutions turn up empty

as complex and inflexible solutions require too many resources for implementation and interpretation to drive value


Overabundance of data

and need for true AI/ML to unlock actionable insights

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Databricks Center of Excellence

With Databricks, Tredence meets the explosive enterprise demand for AI/ML and helps enterprises navigate complex data ecosystems, monetize enterprise data, improve time to insights, and maximize ROI. As a Premier Databricks partner, our alliance focuses on combining the advanced capabilities of Databrick’s AI-powered Lakehouse & Delta Sharing technology, with Tredence’s focus on last mile adoption of analytics. Tredence and Databricks help enterprises accelerate their migration to the cloud while reducing costs and maintaining agility.

“We are excited to work with Tredence. What always impresses me is the response you get from Tredence’s customers.  They have one of the highest Net Promoter Score of any company that I have seen.  We are really excited to collaborate with Tredence.”​ - Rob Saker​ (RVP Global Industry Leader, Retail and Manufacturing, Databricks)​

Core CoE Capabilities

Tredence has a strong partnership with Databricks and has developed deep expertise in the advanced Databricks capabilities. Databricks recently certified and onboarded some of Tredence’s solution accelerators including On-shelf availability (OSA) and Sancus as a part of Databricks’ Brickbuilder solutions program to drive enterprise value acceleration. With certified Databricks engineers and analysts, our Center of Excellence helps retail and CPG enterprises build and operationalize analytics platforms at scale.

AI/ML Co-innovation with Databricks Brickbuilder Solutions Program

Recently Databricks selected Tredence as one of the two Premier launch partners to help Retailers and Suppliers unlock the value of the new Databricks Lakehouse for Retail platform. With Databricks' Lakehouse for Retail, data teams are enabled with a centralized data and AI platform that is tailored to help solve the most critical data challenges that retailers, partners, and their suppliers are facing. Tredence will help partners deliver cutting-edge Data and AI solutions on the Lakehouse platform to drive real-time decisions and power stronger customer experiences.

Core Competencies and Skills

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1,600+ Data Scientists/Engineers

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350+ Cloud Engineers

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100+ Certified Cloud Practitioners

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30+ Databricks Certified Practitioners

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