Tredence Raises $30 Million in Funding from Chicago Pacific Founders

Date : 17-03-2022

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Tredence, Inc., announced that it has secured $30M in funding from Chicago Pacific Founders (CPF), a private equity firm specializing in investing in growth companies within healthcare services and care for aging populations. The investment will create tangible value in the intersection of AI and healthcare and accelerate job creation in the US and abroad.

The partnership with Chicago Pacific Founders opens the door for Tredence to leverage its signature AI capabilities in the ever-expanding and continuously evolving healthcare services market. Similarly, in adding Tredence as its first AI-focused portfolio investment, Chicago Pacific Founders reaffirms its commitment to lead innovation and transformational change in the healthcare sector.

The additional capital also will support Tredence’s continued organic growth in areas such as last-mile adoption, and further fuel innovation and expansion. Tredence’s expansion plan includes broadening its geographic footprint and increasing its existing presence in industry verticals like retail, CPG, industrials, technology, and telecommunications.

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