Date : 17-03-2022

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Every aspect of our world is now calibrated and stored in digital bits, which brings us into the most significant era of discovery that humans have ever experienced – Data Science! According to Analytics Insight, the individuals who are adept at discovering the secrets hidden in the data have helped Tredence be among the top 100 companies for data scientists in India.

The marquee media mention is yet another addition to the already mammoth list of achievements that our data scientist has helped collated. Understanding the business, mining, cleaning, and exploring data to create models and communicate the findings have helped Tredence grow into a multi-million dollar company and enable several Fortune 500 clients to embed analytics across their different functions. They ensure that with custom, scalable AL/ML solutions, clients can move from instinct to insight and become insight-driven organizations.

Further, this mention, among other pioneers, will help individuals pinch-point their search for the best data science companies to work for in 2021. To this end, we wish with the addition of new individuals; we will further expedite our long list of data science and data engineering solutions.

The complete list can be viewed here

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