Why Test and Learn Platform?

Tredence’s re-engineered Test and Learn platform aims to solve the issue at hand and it’s a one-stop platform for campaign owners to take control of their campaign throughout its lifecycle – Plan, Design, Execute, and Learn.

It’s purposed to enable organizations to conduct experiments at scale and thereby moving their learning curve from linear to exponential; have campaign owners assess the 360-degree view of campaign performance through various lenses, learn winning features from adjacent present and enable campaign owners to respond quick enough to be able to exploit these winning features while campaign is still in-flight.

Under the hood, platform is powered by multiple advanced techniques like Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Armed-Bandit, Dynamic time warping with high degree of output explainability.

Some key business questions throughout the Campaign Lifecycle

1. Am I on goal for my KPI targets thus far, what are the current year end projections? what are various campaigning opportunities to achieve these goals?
2. Which stores and customers are right for my specific campaign?
3. How many stores and customers are needed for me to attain my campaign goals?
4. What are various winning features that are likely to work and that I can bet on, as I design my campaign?
5. What is the right Design of Experiment (DOE) for this campaign – Representative stores/customers that should be set aside (Control Group), how many control stores/customers are needed to assess the efficacy of the campaign and enable inbuilt micro experiments?
6. How’s the In-Flight health of my campaign through various lenses (Response to campaign media, social engagement, and NPS during the campaign, the health of marketing funnel)?
7. Where do I need to course correct, for me to be on the target of my campaign goals?


Test and Learn
at Scale

Many Test and Learn platforms are designed for incremental learning when to find opportunities to test and learn at scale is the need of the hour to fast-track learning in these unpredictable times. Using Multi-Armed-Bandit techniques this platforms balances exploitation and exploration space and provisions scores of micro experiments within each campaign that are tested over time across various contexts before they are categorized as winning features


Year-old learning of Back to School campaign is of little relevance; this platform is designed to learn from campaigns that are similar in context and constructs and has been executed in near-present. Winning features are learned from these campaigns, and they go as a recommendation for designing the campaign and while making in-flight adjustments


So far, many platforms focus on down-the-funnel metrics like incremental revenue, response, and conversion to evaluate the campaigns. If a campaign did a great job in getting the traffic to your stores and website but could not influence conversions, it can’t be labeled as a bust, but it needs to be understood more as we plan in-flight course corrects. Our platform views a campaign performance through various lenses (response to campaign media, social engagement and NPS during the campaign, the health of website funnel) to enable campaign owners to make more informed decisions


Improvement in matching target and control stores and thereby increasing the confidence of the campaign reads

Lift in incremental revenue from Back to School campaigns versus projections with feature tweaks in-flight

Lift in win-back campaign response with suggestions of relevant customers for the campaigns


Tech Stack

Platform uses the latest tech-stack and algorithms like Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Armed-Bandit, Dynamic Time Warping to create higher confidence around decisions

Ability to Explain

It opens the box to explain to business users why certain recommendations are made; this goes a long way in platform adoption

Business Process Orientation

A focused team around the platform that has closely worked with campaign owners in various fortune 100 organizations and have been closer to many use-cases in this space


Keshav Nagar

Associate Principal

A marketing professional with over 17 years of extensive working experience with marketing executives in APAC, India and US. With expertise in AI / ML led functional transformation and segment-of-one marketing