Drive value with predictive and prescriptive insights for an optimized transport management system

New technology is powering analytics for intelligent transportation, but the data often remains underutilized due to segregated planning systems. This leads to high cost overruns and poor capacity planning. Transportation businesses need holistic insights that can help them predict downtime and proactively prevent it to keep their productivity and ROI high.

The Smart Transportation Planning System (STPS) unifies the transportation chain into a single system and leverages analytics to deliver holistic and actionable insights. From freight forecasting to capacity planning and route optimization, our accelerator integrates the Transport Management System and the supply chain to enable end-to-end visibility and better decision-making.

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Higher ROI 3 months after implementation


Inclusive planning from order processing to scheduling


Real-time execution of insights


Transport Management System to manage operations


End-to-end control for tracking and dispute management

Guiding you to unlock real value with insights

Icon-Up 15%

Load consolidation

Icon-Up 73%

Trailer utilization

Icon-Up 9%

Consolidated facility utilization

Icon-Up 4%

Transportation cost

Icon-Up 7%

CO2 emissions

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