Boosting revenue growth with a robust Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform that serves holistic CPG use cases

Our platform enables your teams to make data-driven decisions across pricing, channel coherency, trade promotions management and product assortment resulting in prescriptive Revenue Growth Management (RGM).

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CPG players spend as much as 25% of their revenue on trade promotions, yet 67% of them don’t even break even! But promotions design is only one part of the problem. Without end-to-end visibility of their pricing, assortment and distribution, CPG players miss out on significant revenue growth opportunities.

Data and decisions are made in silos

Pricing decisions are being made in silos. Sometimes, teams make decisions that are outside the pricing guardrails set by the brand/product, negatively affecting profitability. This results in channel conflict, cannibalization, irregular price laddering, and degrowth.

Insights are too late to be effective

Competitors are making constant changes in assortment at the regional-channel-occasion interlock. Most enterprises use dashboards to analyze and determine price/pack/product gaps, whitespaces, occasion gaps etc. This is tedious and wastes precious time before resulting in action.

Much of the decision-making is still manual

The PBI dashboards that CPG enterprises currently use cause clutter and delayed insights. Even when the dashboard is updated in real-time, the burden is on the teams to make sense of the insights to make decisions. This results in lost opportunities and inconsistent performance.

How we help in revenue growth management?

To grow revenue across a wide portfolio of products, brands, categories, channels and geographies, CPG enterprises need an AI platform that’s custom-built for their use cases. You need a holistic approach that operationalizes AI at scale. You need Tredence.

Build a clear, effective and adaptive pricing strategy

Our teams work with you to increase your opportunity in the marketplace with an effective pricing strategy.

  • Building flexibility in pricing, without crossing the brand architecture and guardrails
  • Identifying retail pricing gaps
  • Real-time comparison with competition
  • Dashboards allowing you to get hyper focused on geographies and customers against brand, packages etc
  • Real-time ‘prescriptive’ recommendations, which tell your teams exactly what action to take

Optimize your distribution strategy

We help you scale — both up and down — to power your revenue growth across channels.

  • Monitoring and volume switching across channels
  • Preventing channel cannibalization with product / segment / customer / channel-level pricing
  • A consolidated system for promotions, cost and timings
  • Cost savings and exception management

Design a competitive and responsive assortment strategy

Our teams enable a system within which you can adapt to the actions of your competition to leverage market opportunity.

  • Monitoring competitor pricing and assortment in real time
  • Automatic recommendation, based on real-time data
  • Assortment strategy for the regional-channel-occasion interlock
  • Adaptive promotions strategy recommendations
Revenue Growth Management Solution


Global Trade Promotion Optimization solution for a Fortune 500 CPG customer

Tredence transformed the global Trade Promotion operations for a leading personal care CPG company by developing an automated, cloud based advanced ML based Trade Promotion Optimization solution along with a scenario planning tool integrated with their TPM platform to enable end users create, save and execute the right promotions at the right time

promotion budget optimized

in promotion ROI YOY

Scaled across 13 countries

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded management consulting and technology companies.

Revenue Growth Management (RGM)-focus

The platform brings AI-powered solutions for the top four problems in revenue growth management: pricing, channel coherency, Trade Promotions management and product assortment.

CPG consulting experience

Our CPG practice includes domain experts from across global markets, enabling industry-specific analytics for some of the world’s largest CPG companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises.

Customized accelerators

Our RGM-focussed accelerators for trade promotion optimization, stock-out prediction, pricing recommendation, distribution forecasting etc. support speedy AI adoption.

Reduced time-to-insights

Tredence reduces time-to-value by 30% vs. traditional consulting and technology service companies leveraging our proprietary suite of accelerators.