Recommended an SFDC based scalable price optimization solution for a leading equipment rental company


The client extensively relied on a manual Excelbased contract management approach. This was not scalable, leading to inef?cient decisions. The process was cumbersome involving manual entry and review process, communication with thirdparty deal processor, and additional analytics by the pricing team. The client wanted an analytical and prescriptive solution that could streamline the approval process and leverage historical data to recommend optimal rental rates based on customer behavior.


Our approach to address the client’s concerns was to:

  • Design a custom pricing algorithm that could recommend rental rates based on customer history and requirements
  • Provide visualization using Tableau – the BI tool of preference for this application to gauge the impact of the pricing generated

The integration of familiar UI of (SFDC) and the easy-to-interpret visualizations of Tableau gave the sales reps the best of both worlds. This made the deal making process much faster, ef?cient and transparent without ever leaving SFDC.

Key Benefits

  • We offered a one-stop solution for deal creation, systematizing self-service analytics within the client organization
  • The Tableau-based solution provided the ability to expand current analytics beyond pricing group
  • It rendered a faster approval process, reduced email churn time and increased selling time
  • The feedback loop during the design & development of the custom solution eased change management
  • The robust solution helped in the evaluation of a contractual agreement with varying terms and conditions, across multiple geographies


Icon Boost

The solution handles pricing contracts worth $2 billion for our client. We were able to cut down the time taken for the end-to-end deal creation process by about 40% and improve rate compliance. This led to an incremental revenue gain of 2%.

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