Implemented ‘On-Shelf Availability’ alerts across stores and vendors in North America


Client was facing challenge with respect to ‘On-Shelf Availability’ alerts as

  • OSA alerts generated were often false and not accurate. Realization of false alerts only happened when sales rep visited the stores to validate results.
  • Wrong alerts for off sales and off scans were not identified. Also, there was no visibility into phantom inventory at stores.
  • They wanted to have a data driven OSA solution that could solve the above challenges.


The approach to address the client’s challenge included:

  • Identifying ‘zero scan’ days using retailer POS data streams at Store-SKU-Day level
  • Pool alerts from SKU-level analysis to create store level alerts for operational teams to take corrective measures
  • Configuring the appropriate business rules for ‘Zero Scan Alerts’ based on analytics on ‘Probability of OSA’ for each day of zero-scan at SKU-Store-Day level
  • Develop insights based on sales velocity, demand cyclicity, planogram errors, competitive presence, operational efficiency, store visit frequency to trigger alerts

Key Benefits

The solution included governance dashboard to monitor recommendation adherence in real time and to measure the impact of corrective measures taken

  • Dashboard presented an executive level view of out-of-stock level, phantom inventory, inventory turnover, replenishment rates etc
  • Store and SKU score card to derive insights based on time, OSA, OOS etc.


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Our solution contributed to ~19% increase in sales

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