How Tredence Inc. Simplified Global Supplier Master Data to Streamline Procurement and Reduce Supply Base for a Large CPG firm


Client is a global consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Its products include food and beverages, cleaning agents, beauty products, and personal care products.

  • The client had supplier networks located across the globe and was undergoing an effort to rationalize suppliers and create a unified database to improve procurement.
  • The challenge lay in validating and matching suppliers located in international locations where information was stored in native languages and required a large amount of manual effort to match.


To solve this problem, we leveraged Sancus to –

  • Validate and cleanse country-specific supplier database. The native languages were handled using a customized pre-processing framework.
  • Once each country had a unified supplier database, a global matching solution was developed to identify similar suppliers and bucket them into clusters, or create hierarchies as required.

Key Benefits

  • A unified supplier database helped the client create comprehensive supplier scorecards & identify priority suppliers.
  • The procurement team was able to revamp existing processes due to the intelligence developed from historical transactions.


Icon Boost

15% of poor-performing suppliers were removed from the priority procurement list; the key supplier contact information was validated, enabling a 7% reduction in shipment times.

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