How Tredence helped a Legal Client scale their machine learning solution to multiple domains.


A well-known axiom is that the quality of the machine learning algorithm is dependent on the quality of the examples from which it learns. We worked on creating high quality ground truth for a client in the legal business. There are multiple domains and ground truth creation in each of the domains was a manual process.


We accelerate the creation of the ground truth using our custom solution that uses best practices in Software Engineering, UI and Data Science.  We manage tagging by multiple users through a friendly user interface and do an automated management of conflicting tags.   We also deployed learning algorithms to take the tagged documents and automatically assign categories to the untagged documents.

Key Benefits

  • Learning algorithms that accelerate the tagging by automatically assigning categories to untagged documents with high Precision.
  • Ability to seamlessly adapt to multiple domains in a domain independent fashion


Icon Boost

70% – Reduction in Tagging time

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99% – Accuracy in automatically tagged documents

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1M+ – Cost Savings

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