Facilitated customer engagement using AI


The client is a Fortune 100 company and is one of the leading technology firms in the globe.

To improve the client’s Digital Interactions Team and optimize the customer experience through their interactions with our client across all formats. They needed a Lifecycle Management platform for each customer wherein each touch point with the customer would be orchestrated by an AI-enabled campaign management platform –


Tredence built a suite of 5 platforms that leverage data science to create personalized and optimized communications at scale.

What are the 5 platforms built?

Word Craft – Utilizes customer data to deliver personalized content at scale. It is a real time “content as a service” platform which supports personalized content development in more than 100 languages and across a multitude of digital channels like email, web, text messages etc. making your content relevant globally. WordCraft acts as a centralized content management system which meets all the digital communication needs of our customer. Additionally, WordCraft is also an Omni channel platform that can reach customers seamlessly via a variety of channels.

ABI (Abbey)– allows us to centralize A/B testing at scale, automate segmentation and analysis so that we can put ideas to the test to optimize the customer experience.
In short, ABI helps scale digital experimentation in an automated and efficient manner.

Customer Lifecycle Manager – helps coordinate the big picture of the customer journey. Our customers can design a seamless omnichannel customer journey and incorporate data science models, A/B testing, etc. It incorporates data science models to determine such things as when we interact – how to interact – or for that matter, when NOT to interact.

Next is the Decision Engine. It’s the brains of the whole operation, and behind the scenes, it ties together the customer journey, personalization, and experimentation to help execute customer engagement in an automated and efficient manner.

Engagement (Execution) Engine is the final component which helps deliver digital content across multiple channels of communications by managing email, social media and web plug-ins

Key Benefits

Multiple campaigns have gone live on the AI orchestration platform resulting in higher customer retention and also in reducing the need for human intervention.


Icon Boost

Have developed a product deployed in the client environment which has been adopted by all the key marketing personnel.

Icon Boost

Has been demoed to the key client leadership and the reception has been highly positive.

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