Drove revenue growth through data driven regional customer target strategy for a rental company


The client wanted a region wise analysis of all customers including active, churned, dormant and potential customers and analyse the revenue potential, rep coverage, share of wallet, growth potential.


A two-step approach was followed to solve the same:

  • Region Analysis: We performed a diagnostic analysis on the region under consideration to determine if there were issues due to low customer acquisitions, poor customer retention or a combination of both.
  • Opportunities for Growth: Identified potential opportunity areas using Insights from the region analysis for revenue growth through measures like upsell, cross sell or targeting dormant/inactive customers etc.

Key Benefits

Enabled the client to make Data Driven decisions on sales/marketing front for the forthcoming quarter by regions to drive increase in revenue


Icon Boost

~26M lift in revenue through different growth campaigns (upsell, cross-sell, reactive/ Churn) that were run across four regions

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