Devised a robust goal-setting solution that increased revenue for a leading equipment rental company


The client’s existing goal-setting framework was manual, standalone and not robust enough to consider dynamic factors in deciding the optimum goal for sales reps. There was no provision for the sales leadership to update goals during the business cycle. This resulted in dissatisfaction among sales-reps, as goal attainment impacted compensation and affected the client’s top-line revenue. A new goal setting Solution was required that could be integrated with the client existing CRM platform and in-house EPR systems.


We addressed the challenge of our client by establishing a Visualforce-based goal-setting solution.

  • We worked with the corporate and regional leadership teams to identify key business metrics, which could measure the performance of sales reps
  • This was followed by the design of a baseline forecasting algorithm, which helped the regional managers identify approximate goals based on the performance of the sales reps and the region as a whole customers’ perspective
  • The solution was ?exible enough to accommodate ?ne tuning based on managers’ experience

Key Benefits

  • Our solution helped the regional leadership to allocate appropriate goals to sales reps, resulting in better attainment
  • Region managers could update goals in Salesforce and the ERP system in real time


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Our ?nal solution enabled the client to realize a reduction in churn rate by 17% and a gross incremental revenue of $150MM over a period of 12 months.

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Goal attainment increased from 87% to 96%

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The client also witnessed a 4% increase in the overall quarterly revenue

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