Created Merger And Acquisition Analytics Framework To Validate Synergies And Create Go-To Market Strategy for a Leading Equipment Rental Firm


By acquiring the new company, the client was looking at increasing footprint in metropolitan areas, increase their customer base and increase their inventory. The client wanted us to look at the data (in a clean room setup) of the company they are acquiring and validate the synergies and create a go-to market strategy behind the decision-making process.


Created analytical framework to do a deep dive into potential acquired company data with key focus on:

  • Customer Strategy: Analysed customer overlap across geography, products, agreements and proactively identifying acquisition, retention and cross sell opportunities etc.
  • Market/Zone Pricing Rationalization: Proactively identified pricing gap and full rate differential analysis at a product, market, customer segment level
  • Territory/ SPOC Optimization : Analysed sales territories by zip codes from both companies to identify overlaps, opportunities and current penetration

Key Benefits

  • The analysis allowed the client to make data driven strategy to retain overlapping customers and provide targeted services like cross-sell, SPOC and platform to retain new customers from day 1 of merger
  • It helped to identify pricing zones and rate bands that need to be adjusted to accommodate existing business to help control customer churn
  • The analysis helped drive right balance across different operational aspects such as People and Branch to achieve optimal cost synergies


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The Go-to Market strategy post-merger was data driven enabling higher realization of synergies

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Final acquisition was smooth as potential red flags and problem areas were already identified with counter strategies in place to facilitate assimilation from day 1 of merger

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