Designed a dashboard to measure campaign effectiveness for a leading pharmaceutical company


The client has a blockbuster prescription drug sold and purchased primarily at pharmacies. Most patients are initiated on the drug in a hospital and follow through after discharge. The client executed a price reduction campaign for hospitals and wanted to understand the impact of the same on its sales.


We observed that the units procured by the hospitals were <30% of the units sold through prescriptions written by their af?liated physicians, for almost all contracted hospitals. Hence, to understand the complete impact of the campaign, our analysis was divided into two sections:

  • Direct Impact: We used the Hungarian assignment algorithm, based on the Euclidean distance, to identify suitable control hospitals which were contracted in the campaign. The hospitals were compared based on their post period procurement volumes and market shares.
  • Indirect Impact: Physicians af?liated to the contracted hospital were compared against physicians af?liated to the respective control hospitals. Metrics used for comparison were post period Rx and market shares.

Key Benefits

  • Client could evaluate the actual total impact of the campaign, instead of the traditionally analyzed direct impact
  • Through this, informed decisions could be made for all future campaigns


Icon Boost

Increase the contracted hospitals’ procurement of the drug 12% more than their non-contracted counterparts

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Increase market share of the drug in contracted hospitals, by 2% more than non-contracted ones

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Infer that there was a need to further sensitize physicians regarding the drug when they observed a lower increase in the indirect impact

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