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What we do

Accelerating AI innovation, so you traverse the last mile to value with speed and endurance.

Make AI real and feasible for your organization with the right ecosystem to support, lead, and accelerate every step of your innovation journey. You need a partner who can provide this for you at high velocity and scale. At Tredence Studio, we incubate the best and brightest ideas.We co-innovate with you to deliver repeatable solutions, so you can go to market faster and realize value for the long term.

What we offer you

Tredence Studio works as an enterprise co-innovation platform to develop new solutions as well as a marketplace for our proprietary industry accelerators. At the center of its high-flux ecosystem is a differentiated AI engineering approach focused on exploring evolving real-world challenges and designing disruption-ready solutions for them.


Custom solutions

Leverage our AI engineering expertise and industry expertise to develop solutions that deliver sustained value. Launch your AI initiatives with the Tredence Studio at speed and scale.


Products and accelerators

Our turnkey AI-powered products and accelerators help you leave legacy systems behind and reinvent your business processes, quickly and painlessly. Choose from our 30+ ready-to-deploy AI-powered accelerators to transform your business functions at scale.

We’re determined to continue helping our clients unlock business value from data science,, design, and build enterprise-grade AI solutions. To achieve this, we are collaborating with the start-up ecosystems, academia and setting up co-innovation models for clients to accelerate and set new industry benchmarks.

Soumendra Mohanty,

Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence.Inc.

What sets us apart


domain expertise,

consultants, UI/UX designers, core engineering specialists, and product go-to-market team who understand your business goals and engineering needs

A comprehensive enterprise

AI development workbench and launchpad,

the Studio can manage the overall innovation funnel and move ideas into impactful solutions, getting your applications off the ground quickly

From Day 1 of idea generation to Day 0 of productionalization, this platform equips you with all the tools to

accelerate your time to value

A set of

repeatable, reusable IPs -

assets, frameworks, or use cases - that are not based on cookie-cutter models but instead customized to solve industry-specific problems to move the needle for you

Explore the studio

Industries where we’ve left lasting impact

Our customers across industries have brought their ideas to life with our bleeding edge, risky and fast AI innovation.

Accelerators to get you off the ground, quickly

With our marketplace of 30+ ready-to-deploy accelerators, we’re helping businesses plug the gaps in their intelligent capabilities where no good off-the-shelf AI solutions exist, so you can cover more ground and move faster towards action.