Tredence Response to COVID-19 and Its Impact


India reels under an alarming second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, with several thousands of new cases being reported daily across the country. And this time around, it’s more devastating than the first one – a human tragedy at a vast scale.

A humanitarian crisis has left the entire countrymen gasping for breath and the complete health care infrastructure in disarray.

Though we’re in the grips of a public health emergency, this horrendous situation has also called for us to show fortitude, resilience, and mutual support. As the country continues to be in dark times of this pandemic, corporates, NGOs, and public institutions have stepped up to save lives and look for people in need of help.

“The second wave of COVID infections has been spreading like wildfire. Thus, the safety and well-being of our employees is our primary focus in these trying times. As an organization, we’re committed to keeping our people healthy and businesses running. We understand data is our customers’ lifeline, and hence we are working together to meet their business-critical technology needs. We’re ensuring that our services and platforms are fully operational.”

“At Tredence, we’ve always put our people first. We fully acknowledge the gravity of current circumstances. The new wave is much stronger, and the ever-increasing number of cases are a huge cause of concern for all of us. We want to approach this situation with compassion for our people and with a sense of urgency in our response and support. In this pursuit, we’ve devised a multi-pronged approach to deal with this crisis.”

As the pandemic continues to impact people worldwide, we have taken critical measures to ensure the safety of our employees and adjust our business operations to respond to this crisis.

COVID-19 Task Force for Employees:

We put the safety and well-being of our employees and their families first. Our COVID-19 task force helps our employees in procuring:

  • COVID Taskforce and helpline: Our COVID package offers vaccination support and a self-quarantine facility. A dedicated toll-free helpline number has been set up that employees and their immediate families can access. Dedicated ambulance services are available in major cities for COVID-19 impacted employees. An insurance coverage has been offered to all employees. Employees can also avail an immediate advance on their hospitalization in clinics that are outside the network covered by our insurance providers. Employees can also request a call back from a physician for consultation on any query regarding COVID-19.
  • Suspended Employee Travel: We have suspended all company-related travel from the US to India or India to the US indefinitely. Employees with pre-approved business trips need to get a re-approval before their travel. We’re also asking all employees to defer any domestic travel.  
  • Fully Remote Workforce: All Tredence employees globally have been working from home for over a year. Our internal communication and collaboration tools enabled us to quickly pivot and adapt to the outbreak’s impact and deliver undisrupted support to our customers.
  • Flexible Recruitment Processes: We’ve embraced a fully virtual recruitment process since last year. We continue to hire for all open positions globally, onboard them remotely, and set them up for success with fully virtual training sessions and other employee engagement initiatives.
  • Virtual IT Support: Troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming in the best of circumstances. But, our employees have been able to perform smoothly in remote work environments by virtue of superior-grade technology and cloud support.