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Data Cleansing

Data standardisation & AI/ML led data cleansing


Enrichment from unstructured data sources, proprietary and 3rd party sources


Automated hierarchy mapping & ML based master data categorization at scale


ML based automated anomaly detection for hierarchies, categorical and numeric data types


ML based ongoing data management to ensure continuous data quality management

Data Quality

Data Standardization, Cleansing, De-dupe and golden record creation wired to an interactive dashboard with configurable data quality metrics

Data Validation

Global address validation & correction using postal directories and 3rd party APIs. Contact/lead email and phone number verification

Data Enrichment

Customer/contact enrichment through 3rd party partnerships. Product/material enrichment through web scraping, image processing, unstructured data analysis

Hierarchy Management

Customer/vendor hierarchy validation, creation and management through 3rd party partnerships. ML algorithms for product/material hierarchy assignment at scale (including GPC/GS1 migration)

Feedback Loop

Active Learning based feedback module allows business users to pass feedback and augment the algorithm’s results if required

Data Governance

Ensure on-going data is kept clean by managing Stewardship, policies etc. Individual modules for metadata management, data quality dashboards/metrics and more
Sancus has been implemented for various master data types enabling transformation across the business value chain

Customer MDM with Cognitive RPA

Enabling a unified and cleansed customer master across the enterprise by integrating multiple CRM systems

Product Hierarchy Management at Scale

Enabling development of product master data by standardizing taxonomy and cleansing data from different suppliers/retailers

Contact MDM with External Data

Enabling better marketing effectiveness through cleansing and 3rd party data enrichment of contact data systems

Product Attribute Enrichment with Computer Vision

ML tools & algorithms to extract attributes from images of multiple formats and enrich existing product attribute master data

Vendor Data Quality Management

Enabling unification of vendor database through cleansing, hierarchy & data quality management

Material Master Data Management

Enabling unification of material level master data through cleansing, hierarchy & data quality management

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