AI-powered XOps for predictive modernization of your infrastructure and applications

We leverage AI technologies to manage multi-cloud environments, perform predictive data and app maintenance, reduce costs, accelerate time to insights, and future-proof your technology assets.

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XOps Challenges

A recent study shows that 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 82% have a hybrid cloud strategy. It is fair to say that cloud and technology environments are getting more and more complex. Organizations don’t have the capabilities to manage these assets, and a traditional managed services approach isn’t enough.

Enterprises struggle to realise the value of cloud.

The ongoing costs of using multi- and hybrid-cloud environments are poorly understood. Several enterprises end up paying more for sub-optimal outcomes.

There is a lot more than the cloud to manage.

Apps are created piecemeal, and not optimized as a whole. Data sources are growing in variety and size. ML models are becoming more powerful, and more complex. Traditional managed services providers struggle to handle this larger landscape.

Expectations and standards are growing exponentially.

Zero downtime is the norm. Apps have become the foundation of businesses and cannot afford to go down. Standards of speed and performance have also increased. FTE-based managed services providers can’t catch up.

How Tredence’s AI-powered XOps can help?

Enterprises need end-to-end management of their business application landscape. You need a partner who can manage production applications, the data pipelines and ML models feeding into these applications, and the cloud infrastructure running these applications. You need advanced AI Technologies to orchestrate all the moving parts as well as to augment support services. You need Tredence.

Multi-cloud advisory and consulting

Our multidisciplinary XOps team helps implement DataOps and ModelOps best practices, and plan, build and optimize your technology infrastructure to enable AI-driven insights.

  • Cloud advisory: Multi-cloud decision analysis and recommendations
  • On-prem to cloud migration: Lift-and-shift consulting and implementation
  • Process consulting: Asset maintenance & user support at scale

Automation-driven infrastructure management

We leverage automation and AI-powered tools to improve efficiency, finetune performance, track provenance, and ensure uptime.

  • Accelerators for mission-critical use cases
  • Automation and optimization of repeatable processes
  • Proactive metric monitoring, application health checks and code reviews
  • Model/pipeline management and monitoring
  • Log analytics and capacity planning

AI-powered managed services

We move away from the IT-centric, FTE-based managed services towards a more effective AI-powered XOps.

  • Predictive maintenance of technology assets
  • 24×7 monitoring and alerts
  • Optimization with focus on performance
  • Application and infrastructure modernization
  • Reporting, service management and pulse check


Enabled a large retailer to build and optimize ML models at scale on GCP

Tredence build models for purchase propensities, customer lifetime value, and acquisition. We helped in model orchestration, optimization, rationalization, improved runtime, and manage MLOps.

More Case Studies

Saved $100K annually by building capacity planning reports

We helped reduce license costs, maintenance costs, and downtime costs by monitoring and identifying opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Reduced data pipeline error identification and resolution time

from ~3 days to ~2 hours

We enabled real-time monitoring of 65 pipelines and 50,000+ models, using data and model provenance to reduce resolution time. This also saved 1 data scientist’s bandwidth, creating efficiencies for application modernization.

Reduced reaction to competitor action

from 4 months to 24 hours

We built an automated web scraping platform to gather insights and optimize pricing at a store/ SKU level. We also enabled interactive visualization for easier consumption of insights.

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing and most awarded management consulting and technology companies.

AI-first approach

Unlike a traditional managed services player, we take an AI-first approach to XOps. We leverage automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor, maintain,optimize and modernize technology assets.

Cross-skilled team

Our XOps practice consists of operations engineers, data scientists, cloud engineers, data engineers, system administrators and web developers, who come together to build use case-driven solutions to solve your business problems.

Proprietary accelerators

ML Works industrializes and accelerates MLOps with autonomous monitoring, persona-based insights, provenance tracking, drift detection, and explainable AI. CloudEye enables multi-cloud monitoring and management and augments our cloud support services.

Reduced time-to-insights

Tredence reduces time-to-value by 30% vs traditional managed services companies, by leveraging our proprietary suite of accelerators.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Best-in-class 94% NPS customer satisfaction score driven by our laser focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.