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We leverage our last mile impact frameworks, functional consulting, and state-of-the-art AI solutions to unlock measurable value for our customers.

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Why >80% of Industry 4.0 Initiatives fail?

Industry 4.0 leverages the infra advances built in 3.0 and integrates with new-age digital capabilities like IoT, AI & Cloud to deliver on the promise of unlocking business value, in the form of new revenue growth opportunities and dramatic efficiency improvements.

These programmes are not a silver bullet though – they come with their share of challenges & potential pitfalls around strategy, process, people, technology, execution and change management. Here are the top 3 reasons why the impact is not realized or highly diluted.

Following the hype: Bottoms-up approach

Industrial IoT initiatives without clear objectives, use cases and defined success metrics fail to deliver.

Traditional IT consulting mindset

Industry 4.0 is translated into another cohort of digitization projects, with IT and inherent processes as the central focus.

Digitization as the end rather than the means

Focus on connected systems and visibility as the end goal instead of a foundational layer that would enable intelligent decisions.

How we create value for customers?

Companies are spending hundreds of millions every year on Industry X.0 initiatives. We partner with customers to help realize the business impact and value from their Industry X.0 investments.

Industry & context-specific assessment & consulting frameworks

We perform a complete assessment of your digital and AI – IoT capabilities in the manufacturing & supply chain area and lay out the current state and the gaps vis-a-vis the best-in-class reference architecture.

Our comprehensive roadmaps include value estimation, sizing & investment needs for various programs – from proof-of-concept and pilot projects to full-scale implementation. And are crafted for specific business requirements.

AI-enabled applications

Discover insights and drive action across the most pressing challenges that organizations face.

  • Smart Manufacturing solutions elevate plant performance leveraging IoT/AI on key metrics, including costs, availability, utilization & quality.
  • Our Smart Asset related services & solutions elevate asset ROI & MRO efficiency through deep learning & machine vision based predictive maintenance solutions for contained assets in plant or distributed assets in the field.

Industrialized data engineering & AI/ ML frameworks & architectures

Set up the right foundations to build AI-driven solutions & deliver value.

  • Advisory & Strategy: We help adopt cloud-native technology architecture that best fits your business context.
  • Data Onboarding & Management: Our customized architectures direct data & intelligence through the ‘’hot path’’ & ‘’cold path’’ based on data source & downstream applications.
  • Implementation Services: Our team will work with you to onboard data from devices to the cloud. to the approach enable real-time monitoring, feedback loops, and full-stack applications. Adoption & impact focused deployments Our custom deployment approach enabled at the edge or on the cloud catered to specific user personas, on the shop floor, in the field, or at the headquarters.

  • Our scalable MLOps frameworks, powered by proprietary architectures & algorithms, deliver efficiently and seamless insights and impact.


Manufacturing Process Optimization

Tredence is working with a building materials manufacturer to build an enterprise-grade AI–IoT driven solution on AWS, to improve manufacturing outcomes like improved product quality, increased productivity, reduction in energy costs and emissions.

due to optimized quality and process controls

in carbon

in plant
energy costs

More Case Studies

Manufacturing OEE Improvement

  • 4% reduction in cost of manufacturing
  • 45% increase in efficiency & throughput

Inventory Optimization

  • 10M reduction in transportation costs due to mileage reduction & load consolidation
  • 8% improvement in meeting customer service SLAs

Smart Equipment Maintenance

  • 10% improvement in equipment utilization & productivity
  • 24% reduction in equipment downtime

Site Performance Optimization

  • $24M savings on maintenance operations through asset inventory & labor requirements reduction
  • 14% improvement in asset utilization through predictive maintenance

Why Tredence’s industry X.0?

One of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded AI consulting and technology companies. Our proprietary approaches & frameworks are designed for high impact & expedited time-to-value realization.

Subject matter expertise

Tredence’s unique functional expertise across supply chain & manufacturing areas, implies that our approach and solutions are developed with a practitioner’s mindset, designed & implemented to account for ground realities & constraints.

Expertise in cloud-based AI + IoT solutions

Our Industry X.0 practice brings together SMEs across the manufacturing, operations & industrial IoT, combined with 750 cloud-native data scientists and Data Engineers — to design & deploy enterprise-grade IoT solutions leveraging the latest technologies including Azure, GCP, Snowflake, Databricks, among others.

Edge capabilities

Our edge analytics expertise is leveraged for store & forward, as well as analyze and feedback use cases. Our services cover requirements like edge architecture design, engineering & implementation.

Reduced time-to-insights

Tredence reduces time-to-value by 50% when compared to traditional consulting and technology service companies, by leveraging our proprietary suite of 50+ cookbooks, accelerators & frameworks.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Best-in-class 94% NPS customer satisfaction score driven by our laser focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.