There is a sense of wonder and delight one feels, when their aspirations are not just defied, but taken to the next level.

As freshers, most of us don’t have grandiose thoughts about the corporate life. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about monotonous weekdays, and weekends spent recovering from the boredom. I was filled with existential dread at the thought of selling my freedom and leisure, just to get by and live an average life. It frankly didn’t seem like my cup of tea, to be muddled up in bureaucratic affairs, as a mere cog in a rumbling machine made to fulfil another’s vision. Those around us, or at least around me, had always hinted, “Hey, make the most of college. Life is pretty much downhill from here”.

My time as an intern at Tredence has proved a stark contrast to this somber impression. This is not a place of leaders and followers; it is not a place where you labor incessantly with one eye to the clock; it is not a place where you exchange life for money. At Tredence, we’re part of something bigger than all of us, with each person contributing an invaluable part to the whole. Here, an individual’s opinion matters, whether they’re an intern, a manager, or even a founder. The team runs on each person’s ability to communicate our ideas and deliver our unique perspectives on the problem at hand. There is freedom here to say what you will to whomever you will, and constant innovation and improvement is at the heart of our principles.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, as someone’s uncle once said. Everyone here is accountable for what they do. There is real and tangible impact that one can make, and I believe that goes a long way into developing oneself as a leader. It’s not an easy job, by any means, and suffice it to say that there’s no sliding by with minimal effort. One must undoubtedly put in more than their two cents’ worth.

As in any organization, it’s the people who make Tredence an amazing place to be. It’s a brilliant experience, working and synchronizing with people who are on the same page as you. The atmosphere is one of mutual understanding, relentless learning, and phenomenal spirit… and don’t even get me started on the fun we have here. Whether you’re involved in an intense game of FIFA, or a deep brainstorming session, or just grabbing a cup of coffee with a co-worker, there’s an unwavering note of levity in the air. One steps in on a Monday morning, and before we know it, the weekend is upon us once again; It leaves you wondering where all the time went.