I started my journey as a Business Analyst with Tredence in June 2015. Every aspect of my time spent – before I left for my higher studies – has been very rich. Brilliant folks, challenging work, a leader for a manager, cross-industry exposure, and a lively work environment – what more could I ask by way of inspiration and motivation. While the pressure of a weekend grind was sometimes hard to digest, I realize now the value add to my worldly wisdom. The stress testing helped me work with smarts. And who can forget those fun Fridays, team lunches, evening momo treats and team outings – no one can resist that, can you!!

I credit Tredence for the Analytics bug I’ve been bitten by. The sheer impact of data and the magic of informed decision making has never stopped amazing me, ever since.

And then, “data” has it… According to an IBM report, 90% of the existing data in the world has been created over the last two years. This is a clear sign that the scope for analytics is going to expand rapidly. Its magnitude and impact on businesses will continue to gain momentum as organizations begin to leverage this deluge to boost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and vie for the top slots. Gut decisions are already a thing of the past!

The fact that analytics has the power to solve business problems of the world sealed the deal for me. And off I was air borne for my Masters in Business Analytics at the University of Connecticut.

During the course, the realms of data analytics unfolded even further, sketching the endless possibilities – AI, IoT, humanoids, etc. From data being the new oil to data monetisation becoming the new revenue model, the business world is witnessing paradigm shifts – one that is brought about by data capitalization, digital transformation and engaged customers. I did not want to be left out in the race.

After my Masters, when I was exploring opportunities, it did not take me long to decide Tredence is where I wanted to head back. Tredence had set my basics right. And now it was time to build on that foundation and take my career to the next level. And here I am, back again to my home ground Tredence – in the US this time.

From employee number 0039 to 0269, it is a comeback! I am very excited! Who knows where this road will lead. But I am determined to explore, engage and grow – make the most of it. I know we will do each other proud – Tredence to me and vice versa!

Want to know more about the company, our culture, work, etc, you can connect with me on LinkedIn and follow us on Tredence Inc.