• Work with our clients and relate to their business challenges
  • Engage in business communication with senior leaders of client organization
  • Use analytical thinking and apply complex mathematical techniques to solve problems
  • Work in teams spread across locations and time zones
  • Work with technologies like SQL, R, Python, Excel, SAS, Tableau etc.
  • Understand mathematical concepts and find the right technique for application to a problem set


  • Understand challenges faced by our clients in the context of their business and industry
  • Solve business problems which involves :
    • Brainstorm with clients and internal teams to define a problem
    • Translate the business problem into an analytical problem
    • Identify internal and external data requirements for solving the analytical problem
    • Solving the analytical problem using concepts from mathematics, statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
  • Translate the solution to a business solution and create artefacts that can help communicate the solution to clients like dashboards, power point decks, excel sheets etc.
  • Enable clients to consume the solution in their business and measure impact


  • At least 3-5 years of work experience in analytics
  • Excellent relationship building and communication skills
  • Collaborative mindset to work with clients and internal teams
  • Motivation to learn constantly