Ashwin Avasarala

Engagement Manager

Creative problem solving and its interplay in the realms of business, is of major interest to me. My education in engineering and management, combined with the rigor brought in by high intellectual peer groups and challenging business problems, give me further impetus to explore this interest.

Exposure to clients from numerous industry verticals and functions has equipped me with the right open attitude and diverse skill sets to scale Tredence’s engagements, to being more than just a pure-play vendor. At Tredence, your career growth is a direct function of what you want to make of it. The ecosystem complements your aspirations with the opportunities to propel you towards your goals. At Tredence, I have been the entrepreneur that I want to be; and so can you.

When I am not working or spending time at Chicago Booth, I am usually contemplating my future entrepreneurial aspirations. My training in theatre and comedy from Second City, one of the world’s premier comedy institutions in Chicago, adds to my diverse world view.