Aakshi Sharma

Associate Manager

Youngest among three siblings, I grew up pampered, outgoing, and with a better-than-average sense of humour – you can really do nothing but laugh at your fate when left home alone with your elder sister, whom you whined about to your mother just 5 minutes back. I spent 4 spectacular years of my life getting educated as an engineer in NIT Kurukshetra, where my time was divided on eating out, debating with random people on even more random topics, planning escapades, sitting under a tree with a novel in hand, and attending classes, though not necessarily in same order.

I joined Tredence to flex my data muscles, befriending intellectually inclined and casually enthusiastic bunch of folks to beat down the problems of world. What I like most about working in Tredence is that it gives me the opportunity to learn and be creative, at the same time.

I like to spend my free time pampering my 4-year old niece, reading novels and meeting new people. Another interest I have grown to like lately is solo backpacking; travelling the world over would be my next mission to accomplish.