At Tredence, we have been growing 100% year-on-year. This growth is the outcome of the work we do, the culture we embody, our vibe, the impact we create, our customer validation, and aggressive drive for greater heights. If you want to be a part of this fast-paced, growth story and make it yours, come be a part of it. It will be a journey that sets your career on a growth trajectory. The peer group and mentors will ensure clear guidance and professional development, informal mentorship and formal feedback reviews.

The math here is quite simple: “healthy body = healthy mind” and so we have made the work place a fun place. Carom Board, Foosball, Table Tennis, and PlayStation inside the office allow for a quick game. And an occasional indulgence in basketball and Cricket inside the office perfects the much needed “aim”. And for those who have an interest for the sound of music, and practice it too, we have Bose speakers. If both these are not your forte, and fitness is, we have an in-house gymnasium. What more, we are building an organization that nurtures your talent and grooms the analytics enthusiast in you.

Team Tredence is made up of people who believe that we are creating the standards for the fourth industrial revolution, which is data analytics. This is also the reason we call ourselves analytics rockstars; we do all that it takes to ensure that we are on top of trends and best practices in the industry, while still defining them where they are not. We don’t hesitate from questioning and changing the status quo to bring the best to our clients and also the best out of them; a validation of this comes from the fact that some of the major accounts are references from existing accounts. Our high HP intellectual peer group ensures that we are challenged on our abilities constantly, making on-going learning a part of our life at Tredence.

It is out there for anyone to figure out what a room full of youngsters, with high energy, creating high impact and building an industry can do to growth and scale of the individual and the institution.

Being a part of Tredence means a lot more than just work.

Udaan – social impact initiative by Tredence – aims to serve, volunteer goods or money for those in need.

Launched in 2016, we so far have volunteered at an orphanage, collected goods, and played a football match with abandoned kids. The initiative is a platform for each individual in Tredence to do good by sharing a bit of their life with those who most need it.

You will get a chance to make an impact on society in a way you desire, be it by spending time on Udaan initiatives or by contributing financially towards these initiatives.

In the near future, we aim to expand this initiative to cover environmental along with social impact.