Tredence Listed in Forrester’s Now Tech: AI Consultancies, Q1 2021

Forrester listed Tredence as a midsize provider ($25M to $1B in annual revenue) with a focus on analytics services. The analysis of the AI consultancy market is based on two factors: market presence and breadth of services.

AI Consultancy Market Presence Segments

Vendors have been segmented in this market into three categories, based on annual AI consulting revenue: large established players (more than $1 billion in AI consulting revenue), midsize players ($25 million to $1 billion), and smaller players (less than $25 million)

AI Consultancy Functionality Segments

AI consultancies market is broken into five segments, each with varying capabilities

Analytics Service Providers


Consulting Firms

Product Design


Tredence has been listed as a midsize provider ($25M to $1B in annual revenue) with a focus on analytics services

Forrester defines the AI consultancy market as follows:

AI consultancies are service provider firms that bring a holistic approach across people, process, technology, and data science to help enterprises transform with AI-driven systems and experiences for competitive advantage.

AI consultancies help enterprises:

  • Accelerate impact and time-to-value with AI.
  • De-risk AI-driven business activities and offers.
  • Upskill the entire enterprise to be AI native.

Tredence’ s uniqueness is in bringing the right mix of technology and business analytics to create white-box solutions that are typically transitioned to our clients at the end of the engagement in a sustainable way. Tredence does this cost – effectively using a global execution model leveraging our clients’ existing technology and data assets.

We think this timely inclusion in AI Consultancies will propel our clients to take advantage of the cutting-edge analytics solutions and apply it to new & diverse data sources which they might not have been able to produce earlier.

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