Accelerating insights-driven industrial manufacturing with AI/ML.

Accelerate your operations using digital and AI solutions that also offer predictive maintenance bringing substantial value throughout the manufacturing value chain.

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The manufacturing value chain has a lot to gain by harnessing the deluge of data it produces daily. However, disparate systems that produce data in different formats, internal platforms that fail to keep up with the volume of multivariate data, and monolithic applications pose a challenge when maximizing the utilization of the information available.

Defined Strategy

The dearth of a clear vision and phased roadmap for digital manufacturing is the main bottleneck for business transformation.

Business leaders often fail to understand the results of analyzing data since the results are not immediately quantifiable.


Increasingly businesses in the manufacturing industry are investing in AI to meet the growing demands of the market.

The lack of platforms that facilitate unified data sharing, the absence of modernization initiatives, and the scarcity of streamlined storage systems are a few of the technology-related challenges manufacturers face.


Fragmented digital investments undermine the success of digital manufacturing. Leaders in manufacturing fail to invest in the right people and processes that could help them make the right decisions.

How can we help manufacturing companies?

Tredence helps manufacturers make holistic, data-driven decisions through a wealth of industry expertise and solutions to fast-track value realization. You need insights at the decision points to drive smart manufacturing. You need Tredence.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Building robust & customized forecasting models help manufacturers gain market intelligence and better visualization to make data-driven decisions.

Our key offerings for the supply chain function:

  • Automated inventory monitoring and governance setup
  • Flow of material optimization to reduce cost-to-serve metrics
  • Procurement excellence, vendor/supplier rationalization, cost negotiation enablement
  • Smart transport enablement


Industrial Analytics

Production Planning

Our solutions allow you to augment your production planning with optimum utilization of resources, improved labor efficiency, and an accurate forecast of inventory levels & resources.

  • Energy optimization
  • Production throughput prediction
  • Profit per hour optimization
  • Line balancing and workflow engineering

Sales strategy effectiveness

Pinpoint gaps in your sales strategy, track the efficacy of your team and improve sales with insights from different facets of the manufacturing processes.

  • Territory optimization
  • Goal setting & sales performance
  • Sales coverage strategy
  • Sales enablement
  • Incentive compensation

Pricing & Assessment

Finding the right target audience through strategies like Dynamic Pricing to tackle the challenges in the marketplace and stay a pace ahead of the competition.

  • Rebate optimization
  • Offer customization
  • Differential SLA structuring
  • Contract management

Quality & Asset Management

We equip you to gather the contextual insights that will pinpoint wastage, predict system downtimes, ensure products are free of defects and are fit for purpose.

  • In-line quality prediction
  • Sensor-driven analytics
  • Root cause detection and diagnostics
  • Waste control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Factory of tomorrow
  • IT/OT connectivity



Tredence helped a food processing giant with a complex supply chain network with several moving bottlenecks by deploying ATP Optimization models and capacity calibration.

Improved on-time delivery
from 65% to 80%

Reduced changeovers on the bottleneck and increased production output by 8%

Representative Case Studies

Supply Chain

Tower Design

Helped set up supply chain tower leading to a 5% reduction in downtime, 8% higher resource utilization, and a 10% increase in forecast accuracy across the manufacturing lifecycle.



Designed load consolidation solution for a chemical manufacturer to reduce transportation cost by 5% and set up the recurring saving opportunity of ~$5M.


automotive parts

Developed a robust parts forecasting solution incorporating best-in-class modeling techniques, with an accuracy of ~90% for 96% sales covering materials.

Plant Energy


Helped a manufacturing client find the optimal settings at the production line to reduce energy consumption by 5% in the UK.

Why Tredence?

We are one of the world’s fastest growing and most awarded management consulting and technology companies.

Last-mile adoption that drives results

Our contextual adoption of AI and ML solutions results in faster delivery of last-mile insights with complete transparency.

Proven outcomes

We have worked with some of the world’s leading industrial firms to assess their current data platform, enhance the architecture with complementary capabilities, reduce costs, and improve adoption.

Outcome-driven capabilities

Unlike tech-driven organizations, Tredence’s manufacturing vertical is outcome-driven. We help identify bottlenecks, craft analytical solutions to minimize delays and increase efficiency.

Full-stack expertise

Our manufacturing offering brings together the work of over 750 data scientists and Data Engineers. Our end-to-end solutions enable manufacturers to effectively attain their business and operational goals, from keeping track of inventory flaws to tracking pain points that cause revenue leakages.

Reduced time-to-insights

From monitoring the equipment to analyzing real-time machine data, our insights help manufacturers reduce maintenance costs and increase ROI. Tredence reduces time-to-value by 30% compared to traditional consulting and technology service companies by leveraging our proprietary suite of accelerators.