Optimize the cost of care and improve value realization across the healthcare spectrum
Take advantage of cutting-edge analytical insights to combat pervasive uncertainties associated with cost and improve outcomes with scalable AI solutions.
The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a crucial transformative journey.
Adopting intelligent solutions to provide value-based care has become the norm rather than traditional fee-for-service compensation methods. However, healthcare practitioners are often unable to provide optimal care due to incorrect data management practices and lack of actionable analytical solutions.
Multi-source data sourcing is complex
Data interoperability is a challenge when dealing with information from different teams within the system. It requires both domain and technology expertise to consolidate the data, affecting dental and vision services as well as traditional health plans.
Inaccuracy in interpreting data is rampant

Despite their size, even large-scale healthcare organizations use generalized predictive models and fail to consider the local essence and needs of the population they serve, creating a square peg in a round hole. This can lead to poor data interpretation and misleading insights.

Incorrect decision-making caused by data complexity

Most analytics solutions present complex and overwhelming dashboards to end-users. Decision-makers suffer from ‘dashboard fatigue,’ hindering their ability to use them.

How can HealthEM.AI help healthcare organizations?
Healthcare organizations require scalable AI solutions that provide actionable insights and have a clear, nuanced understanding of patient problems.
HealthEM.AI is a comprehensive solution that helps manage the full data management lifecycle from data ingestion to data quality, cataloging to provisioning.
This solution focuses on improving time-to-value and self-service analytics for different user personas. HealthEM.AI simplifies complex medical and practice management data from all points of care, streamlines the information, and helps organizations realize strategic goals based on insights and predictions from their data.
Data engineering to consolidate and leverage your data and improve outcomes
HealthEM.AI focuses on improving clinical outcomes and optimizing the cost of care across the spectrum. The data value chain accelerators enable customized data models, driverless ingestion, harmonization, data cleansing, and DataOps.
Revenue bottom-line focused approach
HealthEM.AI is designed to impact the bottom line of healthcare organizations:
Understand populations retrospectively and use AI/ML-based predictive models to identify ‘rising risk’ or ‘high-cost bloomers’ that the care management team can intervene and avoid.
Help organizations identify and execute advanced analytics such as SNF/LTC analytics, network leakage, and chronic cohorts.
Support specialty line of businesses to increase top and bottom-line revenue drivers.
HealthEM.AI helps to deliver last-mile adoption of insights and impact. It will also help your organization:
Measure what matters with a customized healthcare KPI store.
Develop AI/ML models combined with in-house accelerators to effectively bring disparate data together.

Build and manage thousands of models across petabytes of data by easily identifying models and data drifts through the ML Works accelerator.

Last-mile adoption of analytics
HealthEM.AI – Building scalable AI/ML products associated with:
Value-based care
Value-based care
(Medicare advantages, ACOs)

Improve costs and outcomes of value-based care

Specialty line of business
Specialty lines of business
(Cardiology, Dental, Vision, etc.)
Advanced analytics to combine multiple practice management data/claims/EMR to measure performance and improve revenue
Reimagination of analytics
Reimagination of analytics
interventions across organizational metrics
Leverage in-house accelerators and tools such as ML Works to improve analytics adoption across the organization
Why HealthEM.AI?
AI/ML-based predictive algorithms with higher accuracy than industry standards
Affordable pricing models for small and medium-sized health plans
Integrated library of modules with chronic models to support informed clinical decisions
Flexible delivery models and integration with EMR, HL7, APIs to custom applications
Cloud-enabled technology for faster and scalable solution deployment
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