Over the years, we have had a sizable number of professionals like you approach us and ask the question of “Transition” to a pure play Analytics career. Now, here it is!

Introducing ‘GATEWAY‘ – a program for aspiring Analytics professionals. This Tredence-hosted program is designed to provide smart minds an opportunity to kick-start their journey in the field of Analytics. The platform will give you a chance to assess your Analytics aptitude, clarify doubts, seek direction, interact with professionals in the Analytics space, and expand your understanding of the Analytics realms.

This could be your launchpad for a career in Analytics!

Here’s what candidates from our last batch had to say

“The program provided a proper path to ensure a successful shift into analytics. The program specifies the levels of courses to start with and has assessments at crucial points of the learning process. All in all, it is a great mould to put yourself in to prepare for the exciting field of analytics. The transition from a non-analytical background to a business oriented analytical genre of work was very smooth, all thanks to the GATEWAY program.”

Anurag Gupta

Business Analyst, Tredence

“GATEWAY is a great program for folks who have developed an affinity for business analytics to get a grip on analytics concepts. Through regular assessments, self-learning sessions and interactions with professionals in the analytics space, I got a boost to pursue a career in analytics. It is a program that moulds you to become an analytics Rockstar!”

Swapna Reddy

Business Analyst, Tredence


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