How We Differ?

We are solving the last mile problem in analytics resulting in faster value realization.

Meet Tredence!

A data science and AI engineering company with a special purpose: Powering enterprises with last-mile adoption of analytics. The ‘last mile’ is defined as the gap between insight creation and value realization. We help businesses adapt to market-shifts through the convergence of business analytics, data science, and engineering.

We leverage various techniques & approaches, including applied behavioral science, machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and optimization algorithms to help customers maximize returns on their AI investments.

Tredence specializes in building enterprise-grade, scalable AI for Retail, CPG, Healthcare, Telecom, Media, and Technology. Forrester Research recently recognized Tredence as one of the top 13 AI consultancies globally.

We help global enterprises unleash the true value of data by the convergence of business analytics, data science, and software engineering. We deliver a broad portfolio of AI-enabled analytics services, from building insights platforms to powering business decisions.

Powering Decision Intelligence at Scale

Last-mile Adoption of AI

Tredence delivers insights at the point of decision for 45+ global customers. We help customers with AI use-case identification, prioritization, model development, and operationalization of AI in complex ecosystems.

AI-infused Analytics

AI-infused Analytics

Augmented intelligence across the value chain, from data mining to data cleansing, data exploration, feature engineering, predictive modeling, persona-based data visualization, and data governance. Our approach improves time to value by +50%.

High-growth Trajectory

We are one of the fasted growing analytics companies in the industry. Tredence has registered a CAGR of more than 50% in the last seven years, working extensively on outcome-driven data engagements.

Tredence Studio

Tredence Studio is a rapid prototyping factory to help clients adapt to disruptive market shifts. With 30+ pre-built AI accelerators, the studio currently manages the overall innovation funnel for the organization.

Customer Centricity

Tredence enjoys long relationships with its customer, with multiple analytics service engagements of more than five years. Tredence maintains a best-in-class 94% NPS score focus on empowering decisions to help our clients win.

Moonshot Culture

Tredence fosters a culture of frugal innovation that rewards curiosity, customer-centricity, and first principle thinking. Tredence is building a cohort of researchers, statisticians, business analysts, behavioral scientists, and data scientists with an eye for determining the economic value of customer’s data.