AI in the Age of Relevance.

Unleash the Potential of Artificial Intelligence with Tredence Studio.

Innovation is the bedrock of growth and competitive advantage. It helps enterprises reimagine business processes and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Leveraging your primary currency – data, to garner decision intelligence that can fuel innovation is critical to your business success. However, an innovative solution built to solve today’s problems may not adapt and thrive in tomorrow’s disruptive environment and will inevitably become obsolete.

How can we overcome this challenge?

Meet Tredence Studio!

Our sustainable innovation platform that houses future-ready AI and advanced analytics solutions to drive growth and improve operational efficiency. It focuses on harmonizing data, humanizing experience, and operationalizing AI for the customers.

Our teams advance the state-of-the-art through research, design thinking, data science, and software engineering. With Tredence Studio, you can co-create solutions that fit your unique business needs and embrace our partner ecosystem to accelerate the go-to-market.

How does it empower our employees?

Today, Tredence Studio is reorienting how our employees build differentiated business models for customers and helping them discover new sources of competitive advantage. It helps in reimagining & reshaping the existing business process by contextually integrating AI solutions into the product & service portfolio.

What does our platform allow you to do?

Tredence Studio identifies current industry bottlenecks and provides industry-specific use cases to drive change through disruptive AI solutions to solve future problems. We have designed Tredence Studio to be used as a:

Catalog of applications, accelerators, and solutions to solve industry-specific problems.

Co-innovation platform to co-design and co-create simple and practical AI solutions.

Innovation funnel to transform vision into value.

AI innovation hub to tap into unprecedented AI disruptions across industries.

Knowledge base of reusable assets, frameworks, and industry-specific use cases to enable faster time-to-market.

A technology partnership ecosystem to deploy, scale, manage AI effortlessly.

Explore our full range of AI accelerators.

Innovation is the linchpin that transforms the course of business strategy. When innovation is backed by data-driven intelligence and insights, it will go a long way toward creating solutions that demonstrate tangible value in your business ecosystem. At Tredence, we identify potential innovation gaps and work with you to curate solutions to help you stay ahead.

Supply Chain Control Tower

Uses cloud-based AI to provide visibility and control into end-to-end supply chain processes using real-time data.

Smart Transportation Planning

Utilizes statistical methods and operations research to provide customers with the most cost-effective deliveries within service level constraints.

Integrated Sales & Operations Planning

A one-stop platform that allows supply chain teams to meet demand, bridge gaps between demand and supply, and schedule operations efficiently.

Inventory Control Tower

Provides end-to-end visibility over inventory decisions by monitoring status in real-time and can be customized to fit specific requirements and functions.

Trade Promotion Effectiveness

Allows users to create and simulate new trade promotions, modify existing trade promotions, and understand their effectiveness in real-time.

Odyssey – Commerce Intelligence

Unifies all data sources with multiple customer viewpoints and creates a harmonized customer data lake that provides business with a comprehensive overview of their online platform

Anomaly Detection & Hypothesis Generation

Identifies areas where the business can improve and scale up anomaly detection by using best-in-class AI algorithms.

Explainable AI

Allows users to probe their trained models, understand and interpret predictions from machine learning models, and visually inspect model behavior.

Customer Explorer

A full-suite marketing analytics tool that allows CX practitioners to create segments based on Customer 360 data and analyze it for experience activation.


A data ingestion tool that helps accelerate delivery, increase productivity, and reduce the total cost of ownership.