We took a four-phased approach to this challenge:

  • We first defined the business problem by creating a framework, complete with key questions and hypotheses; these were then prioritized
  • We then studied the range of available datasets, evaluating the applicability and applying appropriate business rules
  • Basis step 2, an analytical model was created for segmenting the payor universe
  • Appropriate forecasting techniques were applied and response models were built at the product/payor level to gauge the impact of shortlisted factors on the mix


  • We were able to generate recommendations for each product in the portfolio based on the impact of significant internal and external factors
  • Our solution enabled the client to build various ‘what-if’ scenarios, providing a prescriptive direction when creating payor mix for the future


The scenario analyzer allowed the client to understand the impact of different situations and consequently devise better strategies. The solution enabled the client to:

  • Analyze the entire payor situation and simulate scenarios to enable decisions on the right payor mix
  • Create contingency plans for any unforeseen circumstance with any major payor
  • Strategize more effectively in near real time and make data-backed business decision