We followed a two-step approach to solve this problem for the client

  • Market Potential Estimation: Based on the historical data, we clustered different types of projects on certain fixed parameters. Each cluster was then analyzed, and the potential of each cluster was calculated. Next, we used this information to assess the potential of projects that were going to start in the next one year at zip level.
  • Solution Building: We built a map based interactive solution for the client which enabled them to self-analyze how re-allocating one zip from a territory to another was going to affect the workload of each Sales Rep. It also aided the Branch Manager in making decisions that involved cutting a new territory in his existing branch.


  • The solution allowed the user to see the potential at different levels of geography starting from the most granular, zip level to territory level and right up to the branch level
  • It helped the Branch Managers to optimize their Salesforce by hiring more Sales Rep where they saw high potential and full utilization of existing reps


  • The client increased their Salesforce by 6% to accommodate the increase in areas identified as high potential over a period of one year
  • Optimized workload led to a 4% increase in Attainment Percentage at the overall company level